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Film Albany

GREAT NEWS - The NYS Film Tax Credits have been renewed for another year and under the direction of Governor Cuomo, the New York State Capital Region is in Phase 4.  There are Media Production Guidelines, Interim COVID-19 Media Production Guidelines and a NY Forward Business Plan Safety Template that will apply to your production.  Click here to view NY Forward Phase 4 Guidelines for Media Production.  PLEASE NOTE:  Filming is currently permitted and productions are allowed.  

During this time, Film Albany is continuing to collaborate with the NYS Governor's Office of Motion Picture & Television Development, a division of Empire State Development, New York Production Alliance and the Association of Film Commissioners International on production best practices as we move forward.  The well-being of you and your entire team when you are in our city will be our first priority.

As we navigate these times, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me - or 518-434-8191.
We are all in this together!  

For the most accurate information on COVID-19 please visit:
Current NYS COVID Travel Advisory
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
World Health Organization
NYS Department of Health
Capital Region Testing Sites
Association of Independent Commercial Producers COVID Guidelines



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Albany is convenient, affordable, low-density and has the shot you need! 

Given Albany's convenient location to surrounding cities such as New York City, Boston and Montreal, as well as numerous settings, buildings and streets that mimic Manhattan, Brooklyn and Washington, D.C.  It's no wonder that HBO, Disney, Columbia Pictures and indie filmmakers choose Albany. 
The Albany Film Commission remains very active in assisting feature and independent filmmakers who frequently express an interest in filming in this area.  We are your one-stop shop.  From that first call to our office we can provide you with assistance in finding local crew, talent, equipment, services, vendors and discounted sleeping rooms FREE OF CHARGE!  In addition, downtown Albany is home to the Times Union Center and Albany Capital Center.  Both of these buildings are New York State Qualified Production Facilities.  We can also provide hotel buyout recommendations, in close proximity to both venues, so your talent/crew will be kept safe and comfortable.   
Balancing the big city look with the small town feel, Albany has the perfect location for any shot you may need.  Recent films and television shows include: Disney/Marvel The PunisherThe Pretenders (directed by James Franco), As You Are (2016 Sundance nominee in US Dramatic competition category), Moving Pictures Fourth Man Out (winner of several LGBT Film Festivals), HBO's Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight, HBO's television series Succession and Columbia Pictures SALT and The Other Guys.

HBO Makes Albany Home Once Again! 

With its outstanding architecture and unique buildings, downtown Albany again doubles for Washington, DC with the HBO series Succession.  Hundreds of local extras were utilized along with many services and resources to help facilitate an extremely successful shoot.  Scott Ferguson, one of the Producers on the series, summed it up perfectly on his Facebook page, "It's nice to shoot in a place where people get excited to see you."  Copy that Scott!

HBO Succession

HBO's Succession


Do You Like Great Roadways to Shoot an Action Scene? 







For personalized service and additional information, please contact Debby Goedeke Albany County Film Commissioner, Albany Film Commission (518) 434-1217 x1100

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