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Our team is comprised of hardworking people who love Albany. We are all ready to serve you and share our passion for this region, so give us a call. We'd love to hear from you!

Discover Albany Phone: 800-258-3582 | (518) 434-1217; Fax: (518) 434-0887 
Mailing Address: 25 Quackenbush Square, Albany NY 12207


Executive Team

Jill Delaney

Jill Delaney
President & CEO
(518) 434-1217 x204   



Lisa Flatley 2019

Lisa Flatley
Assistant to the President
(518) 434-1217 x207  



Sales & Services Team

Jay Cloutier

Jay Cloutier
Director of Sales
(518) 434-1217 x301




Michele Endries

Michele Endries
Senior Sales Manager
(518) 434-1217 x205

Deb Goedeke 2019

Deborah Goedeke
Convention Services Manager
& Albany Film Commission
(518) 434-1217 x100



Kristen Thacher 2019

Kristen Thatcher
Sales & Services Administrator
(518) 434-1217 x104

Marketing Team

Katy Holland 2019

Katy Holland
Director of Marketing
(518) 434-1217 x203




Michelle Santos

Michelle Santos
Content Marketing Manager
(518) 434-1217 x106



Visitors Center & Operations Team

Kathy Quandt

Kathy Quandt
Director of Operations 
(518) 434-1217 x213




Barbara Mitchell

Barbara Mitchell 
Operations Assistant
(518) 434-1217 x209

Maeve McEneny

Maeve McEneny 
Program Coordinator 
(518) 434-1217 x202