Professor Anthony J. Strianese Hospitality Excellence Award 

Help us celebrate the people, organizations and events that make a measurable impact on travel business in Albany County and the greater Capital Region. Make a nomination for the Professor Anthony J. Strianese Hospitality Excellence Award. Nomination forms are due by Monday, March 4, 2024. 

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The recognition of travel business as an integral part of this region's economy continues to grow, so do the efforts of the people, businesses and organizations who plan and execute programs which make a difference to our industry. While there are many regional awards, none is devoted solely to the travel industry. This award will continue to honor travel and hospitality "entities" for the role that the industry and its leaders play in our regional economy.


The Anthony J. Strianese Award (formerly Hospitality Excellence Award), is awarded annually to a person; and/or an organization; who has successfully hosted a special event that attracts visitors. If the nominee is an event, it must have already taken place, but can be a one-time event. The nominee does not have to be a Bureau member.

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