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Experience all the colors, sights, food, and events in New York's historic capital. Exciting, energetic, and impressively unique, Albany has it all, all year long. Discover Albany for yourself!


Why Albany?

Albany, NY has so much to offer residents and visitors alike. Learn more about all the great things to do, and places to visit in this 400 year old city.

Eat & Drink

Locals reveal their picks for best brew pubs, fine dining, cafes, and more! 

How old is Albany? 

Just how old is Albany? Would you believe it's 400 years old? That's older than Boston, Plymouth, or New York City! 

Who is Nipper? 

Meet Albany's top dog! Perched high atop the former RCA building, this pooch is a doggone Albany icon. 

Famous Albany buildings

Learn about Albany's most famous buildings! From towers to trademarks. 

What are the must-see attractions? 

We know all the best places to visit. Here's some things you absolutely MUST do during your stay! 

Discover Albany in Fall

Visiting Albany during the Fall? Check out the must-visit sites for the season.

Discover Albany in Winter

Learn about the top spots in Albany to discover during the winter months.