The Impact of Tourism 

Tourism is big business for Albany County, supporting local businesses, creating jobs, and offsetting taxes. 


2018 Infographic on Albany County Tourism

Infographic 2018 on Impact of Tourism in Albany County


Visitors to Albany County support 15,726 local jobs and generate $541,000,000 in labor income annually. Statewide, tourism is the fourth largest employer.




But tourism doesn't just create jobs. It offsets taxes. Last year, tourism generated $72,000,000 in local taxes, and $53,000,000 in state taxes. In fact, if it weren't for tourism, Albany residents would have paid an additional $1,000 in taxes. 


Tourism impact

Tourism is one of the few sectors of our economy that continues to grow. Last year, tourists spent $970 Million in Albany County, and $2 Billion in the Capital-Saratoga Region. That's a 4.6% increase over the previous year.