2018 Infographic on Albany County Tourism Infographic 2018 on Impact of Tourism in Albany County

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August 9, 2018

Albany, NY – Did you know Albany County welcomes more than 4,000 VISITORS each day? According to the most recent report released by Tourism Economics, visitors to Albany County supported 15,726 LOCAL JOBS in 2017 and generated $541 MILLION in labor income annually.

Statewide, tourism is the third largest private sector employer in the state, supporting 938,800 jobs. 

In the Capital-Saratoga Region, tourism is a $2 BILLION INDUSTRY, up 4.6% from last year. Not surprisingly, Albany County makes up 48% of those sales, or $970 MILLION, with the counties of Saratoga, Rensselaer, Schenectady, Fulton, Montgomery and Warren splitting the remainder of the traveler spending.

“With its developing meeting market, and significant visitor assets, Albany is THE draw for our region’s tourists,” says Jill Delaney, President and CEO of Discover Albany. “We play host to the lion’s share of this region’s visitors, and Discover Albany is vital to ensuring that our county continues to draw those kinds of numbers and ensure that our local businesses enjoy the very positive economic impact tourism has to offer.”

Last year, Discover Albany helped secure many major events and conferences, including the Northeast Regional CrossFit Competition, MAAC Women’s and Men’s Basketball, and numerous state council meetings. These deals, many of which are multi-year contracts, mean big business for Albany, with attendees spending money at hotels, restaurants, and local businesses and attractions. 

According to the 2018 report, visitors spent $230 MILLION on lodging, $223 MILLION on food & beverage, and $33 MILLION on recreation in Albany County in 2017.

Another important impact of tourism? Reduced taxes. Last year, tourism in Albany County generated $125 MILLION IN STATE AND LOCAL TAXES, about 51% of the region’s total.  In fact, without tourism, Albany County residents would have had to fork over an additional $1,000 in taxes last year.

“Discover Albany and our partners help bring tourists and meetings to Albany, and that in turn, helps create jobs, offset taxes, and keep doors open at your favorite local business,” says Delaney.


ABOUT Discover Albany

The Albany County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Inc. was established in 1976 to promote the civic and commercial progress of the community through increased development of conventions and tourism. Today, the organization is known as Discover Albany. Discover Albany currently represents more than 300 member-businesses, and assists each year in hundreds of regional meetings. Discover Albany also operates the Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center, Henry Hudson Planetarium, and the Albany International Airport Information Center.  The Albany County Convention and Visitors Bureau Foundation was established in 1993 to provide educational opportunities and work with other organizations to secure grants and funding to advance regional travel and tourism projects.  For more information, call 518-434-1217 or 800-258-3582 or visit www.albany.org.