Albany is an extremely photogenic city. Whether it's the food, the architecture, the people, or the landscapes, it can be hard to know where to point your lens, or phone, to get the best photo to post accompanied with a slew of hashtags. If you're having trouble finding photogenic inspiration, this is the blog for you. Check our our top ten picks below for most Instagrammable spots in Albany!

The Empire State Plaza     

The first on the list shouldn't shock anyone native to Albany. With it's unique surrounding architecture, fountains, and sculptures, the Empire State Plaza has all the makings of a good Instagram photo. It offers a great foreground for a photo of the Capitol Building or the extremely unique exterior of The Egg. And of course you'll have to try and adjust your camera iris to capture a photo amazing fireworks on July 4th!

The Capitol Building     

If you're on the 9 AM to 5 PM grind during the work week in Downtown Albany, it's likely you take a lunch break at one of the food trucks lined up next to the NYS Capitol Building. It is hard to resist a photo of the beautiful exterior of the Capitol Building and it's 77 steps. However, if you take the guided tour, the inside offers just as many photos ops. The Million Dollar Staircase's unique lighting is gorgeous, and it's also fun to capture the many hidden carvings on the staircase's inter-workings. 

Lark Street & Center Square     

Lark Street and the Historic Center Square neighborhood are both ripe for photographers. The nightlife and neon glow of Lark Street is awesome at night, as well as all the vibrant festivals that go on during the year like Lark Fest and the bare all holiday celebration that is the Santa Speedo Sprint. The Center Square neighborhood has very recognizable architecture in it's colorful rowhouses, where homeowners make each their own in a unique way.

Corning Tower Observation Deck   

Whether you live in Albany or are just visiting, the Corning Tower Observation Deck is a must. The Corning Tower is the tallest building in Albany weighing in at 589 ft. and 44 stories, the top floor Observation Deck allows you to see New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts all from one spot. It offers a new perspective on the Capital City of New York, making for some interesting photos that make the city look like a play set!

New York State Museum     

The New York State Museum take a look at the history of the city of Albany and the state as a whole, and has some interesting artifacts and exhibits that make for great photos. Whether you're taking a photo with Oscar the Grouch at the Sesame Street exhibit, the probably-not-so-cuddly Woolly Mammoth, or posing in a Native American style Longhouse Recreation, any photos is sure to get likes here!

Washington Park     

Washington Park offers a variety of opportunities throughout the year to take some great seasonal photos. In Spring, Tulip Fest makes for some of the most colorful photos on the #DiscoverAlbany hashtag, and its seems everyone has to get a family photo in! During the Summer, Park Playhouse is an awesome venue, and this year especially it's Singin' in the Rain show made for some great captures! And coming up soon, Lights in the Park during the Winter shows the park in a whole different light, and is a last chance before the year end to photograph the park!.

John Boyd Thacher State Park     

For anyone that enjoys the great outdoors and photography, John Boyd Thacher State Park is for you. Offering beautiful vistas and fulfilling hikes, Thacher is a great place if you're looking to add more landscapes to your Instagram portfolio. The rock formations along the hiking paths also make for some interesting photos!

Jennings Landing   

If you're at Jennings Landing on Thursday during the summer months, you're probably there to save seats for the next Alive at 5 concert, which is a great opportunity for a photo of some great bands with the backdrop of the Hudson. For any cyclists, the Corning Preserve also has a bike path, which is great to get in a workout and make the occasional stop for a photo!

Dutch Apple Cruises     

Getting aboard the Dutch Apple for a cruise allows you a unique perspective of the Hudson, and it's beautiful views. Whether you're on the cruise to take photos or just relax, it's a win win situation either way! You can always recreate the famous scene from the Titanic too!The sightseeing round trip cruise takes you along the Hudson with a narrated guide, which is perfect so you know what you're photographing.

The Albany Pine Bush     

The Albany Pine Bush Preserve is one of twenty inland pine barrens in the entire world, and is home to a wide variety of species in need of conservation. It's a great opportunity to go for a hike and see some wildlife! Recently the Pine Bush has played a large role in bringing back the local Blue Karner Butterfly population, so be on the lookout if you're in the area!

We're sure your list may be different than ours, but if you like our list and take any photos, be sure to share them with us on social media @DiscoverAlbany and use #DiscoverAlbany for a chance to be featured on our page!