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Track the tulips! Embark on a self-guided driving tour to admire tulips, spring flowers, gardens and other signs of Spring in Albany County and beyond. Share your photos of the cheerful blooms and tulip tracking adventures on social media with #518TulipTracker. 

Discover Albany is hosting a giveaway to encourage visitors and residents to embark on the self-guided driving tour! Visit five spots featured in the below self-guided driving tour and take a photo of the tulips at each spot. Email the five tulip photos and the corresponding locations to info@albany.org by Thursday, May 12 to be entered into a random drawing to win an Albany-themed prize! 

Special thanks to The City of Albany Office of Cultural Affairs and The City of Albany Department of General Services for helping us put this self-guided driving tour together! 

Historic & Heritage Sites

Crailo State Historic Site: 9 1/2 Riverside Ave, Rensselaer, NY 12144
Tulips and daffodils can be spotted on the grounds.

Historic Cherry Hill: 523 1/2 S Pearl St., Albany, NY 12202
Visit the grounds to spot spring blooms in the gardens.

Pruyn House: 207 Old Niskayuna Rd, Latham, NY 12110
The gardens on the grounds are filled with signs of Spring such as daffodils. 

Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site: 32 Catherine St., Albany, New York 12202
See a variety of beautiful blooms (including a few tulips) on the mansion's grounds.

Shaker Heritage Society: 25 Meeting House Rd, Albany, New York 12211
View flowers blooming in the Shaker Herb Garden and wildflowers across the grounds. 

The Stephen & Harriet Myers Residence: 194 Livingston Ave, Albany, NY 12210
See tulips at the Abram Johnson Garden at the Stephen and Harriet Myers Residence. 

Ten Broeck Mansion: 9 Ten Broeck Pl, Albany, NY 12210
The Ten Broeck gardens are filled with tulips and other Spring blooms. 


Albany Pine Bush Preserve: 195 New Karner Road, Albany, NY 12205
Search for small blooms and additional signs of Spring. 

Albany Rural Cemetery: Cemetery Ave, Albany, NY 12204
Tulip carvings on a tombstone across from the Cornings and Palmer Angel.  

Empire State Plaza
Tulips are located in the planters on the Empire State Plaza and around the grounds. 

New York State Capitol
Tulips located near the General Philip Sheridan Memorial. 

New York State Museum: Near the Outdoor Memorials at Madison Ave, Albany, NY 12210
View tulips along the side of the road near the NYS Korean War Veterans Memorial & NYS Women Veterans Memorial. 

Pine Hollow Arboretum: 34 Pine Hollow Rd, Slingerlands, NY 12159
Many spring blossoms and blooms are located throughout the arboretum grounds. 


Academy Park: Academy Park, Albany, NY 12207
Spot the blooms and other signs of Spring in the park. 

*Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Statue in Lincoln Park: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Albany, NY 12202
As you drive by this charming shade covered garden, you will notice an impressive large monument honoring the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In front of this monument there are bushes, summer perennials and tulips. On each side of the monument are planters with fluffy creamy yellow tulips. The tulip in front are shades of yellow, red and white. Just the right amount of color to brighten up this area. 

Tulip Sculpture at Wallenburg Park: 119 N Pearl St, Albany, NY 12207
View the "Night Fire" tulip sculpture at Wallenburg Park​. 

Tricentennial Park: Tricentennial Park, Albany, NY 12207
Tulips, along with lilies, are planted on both sides of the City Seal Monument. 

City of Albany Drive-By Tulip Beds

*The 9W Road Median: McCarty Ave & Route 9W, Albany, NY 12209
A raised bed with a wonderful weeping tree in the center, framed with a mid-late blooming blend of mauve, pink, white and soft yellow that just brightens up this section of road. The 3 points of the triangle have remarkable tulips varying in light to deep pink and resemble a peony shaped flower.

*The Bridge Garden: 300 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207
A large road median with 10,000 bulbs and other perennials with a a multitude of color, heights, varieties and bloom times.  In this garden, one can plan on seeing the typical tulip to some exotic varieties, but what makes this a bit different is the garden crew knows the typical car riding by cannot stop and peruse the planting, so we use large groupings of at least 250 bulbs or more per section of color.

*The Clinton D Bed Garden: Clinton Ave & Broadway, Albany, NY 12207
A road median in the shape of the letter D at the end of a long lily bed median. In the center of this bed is a vibrant early blooming red tulip called Unique de France with deep green waxy foliage. Surrounding this gorgeous red is Iimagination. That isn’t a typo, there are two I’s in the name. They belong to the tulip group Greigii (Greg-ee-eye) and is fun to say. We will get an early-mid splash of color here ranging in cream, pink, red and yellow​.

*The Engine One Firehouse Garden: Western Ave & Washington Ave Point, Albany, NY 12203
A raised triangle garden in a median outside the front of the firehouse. Monsella is a striking tulip with yellow petals and red stripes. It is even a little fragrant. Paired with it is Fostery King in the 3 tips of this triangle bed. Large red flower heads with yellow bases.

*The Engine Eleven Firehouse Gardens: 441 New Scotland Ave, Albany, NY 12208
Two triangle gardens located on each corner of the firehouse lawn. You will find an early blooming tulip variety in these two petite gardens. Happy Generation starts out white with red stripes and as it matures, the white becomes yellow. 

*The Manning Island Garden: Manning Blvd & New Scotland Ave, Albany, NY 12208
A large summer perennial gardenlocated in median next to CVS and across from St. Peter’s Hospital, with sedum, ornamental grasses, day lilies and cranesbill geranium, to name a few. In the spring, take in a range of bulbs spread throughout the garden in small sections between the perennials. A fun little specialty bulb lives here called Snake’s Head Fritillaria. They are delicate bell-shaped flowers with a tiny pattern of white checkers on maroon petals. It is an absolute extraordinary sight to see. You must look it up if you did not catch a glimpse of it while stopped at the red light.

*New Scotland City Line: New Scotland Ave & Normanside Drive, Albany, NY 12208
Entering Albany, on your right hand side, enjoy seeing perennials as well as grape hyacinths, very short stalks with clusters of blue-purple flowers, crown imperials with their pineapple-like tops and Allium, the last to bloom for spring bulbs with a long tall stalk and tiny purple flowers creating an 8” globe. The garden to your left has perennials and clusters of various daffodils with their showy trumpets circled by a mane of petals. 

*The Point Island Gardens​: Madison Ave & Western Ave, Albany, NY 12208
This is the largest of the city’s gardens. There are 13,000 bulbs planted in large sections to make it easier on the eye while driving by. An extensive mix of colors, 65 varieties of bulbs ranging in shapes and heights to fascinate all passerby. You will also notice many perennial plants, mostly in their prime growing stage in the summer.

*The State Street Island Gardens: Between 144 State St. & 80 State St. Albany, NY 12207
Starting at the top, State Street and Eagle Street, in the center of the roadway, tulip bulbs border the garden beds. There are 5 long beds and 3 small “D” shaped beds. This very location holds the annual street scrubbing, a Dutch tradition of cleaning the streets before a big festivity. 

*The South End Island: Green St & Vine St, Albany, NY 12202
The garden in the road median with the Welcome to Albany’s South End sign features a lovely tulip blend named Prosecco. Early-mid blooming flowers in shades of orange, pink, white and yellow. Such a great spot to welcome residents home and a bright colorful garden as one enters the highway.

*The Van Rensselaer Garden:  Van Rensselaer Blvd & Northern Blvd, Albany, NY 12204
Enjoy an early-mid season blooming tulip blend named Stop the Car that are bright orange and purple. Surrounding them is Mount Tacoma, late blooming fluffy white tulips. We choose different bloom times to be sure there is something to see all tulip season.

*The Washington Square Garden: Washington Ave & West St., Albany, NY 12203
This garden, in a road median surrounded by Washington Avenue, West Street and Robin Street, has decorative rocks and beautiful ornamental grasses in the summer. Two benches on either side of the garden to take in some lovely sunshine and beautiful garden views. Enjoy a fetching variety of tulips and even some allium later in the season.

Tulip Beds in Washington Park

*The Birdhouse Garden: Washington Park Rd & Hudson Ave, Albany, NY 12208
When you approach this garden, you must look up! In the center of this bed, up high on a pole are hand carved wooden birdhouses by the late Albany artist William Schade. It is a sight to see! Below this masterpiece is a whimsical garden with 7 varieties of bulbs from colorful tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, allium and crown imperials.

*The Englewood Garden: State St & Englewood Pl, Albany, NY 12203This area was designed by Albany’s Beautification Committee in the late 80s. It was the first restored area in this park other than formal gardens in Moses area. The weeping cherry trees make the most quintessential backdrop for this garden. Set in front of these trees, you will find an array of tulips in a large round garden bed. One of the tallest tulips we work with is Blushing Lady, lily shaped with creamy yellow petals that blush in a sunset pink. Miranda are fluffy true red tulips. And Blue Diamond is another fluffy double petal tulip with bright purple-violet coloring.

*The Henry Johnson and State Gardens: State St & Henry Johnson Blvd, Albany, NY 12203
There are gardens are on each side of the road giving a bright colorful welcoming entrance and exit of the park. Feast your eyes on stripes of pink, white, orange, red and yellow. These gardens have a monumental backdrop as well. The Soldiers and Sailors Monument honors approximately 8,000 Albany men that served in the Civil War. 

*The Henry Johnson Memorial Statue: Washington Park Rd & Henry Johnson Blvd, Albany, NY 12210
Entering Washington Park from Madison Avenue and Willett Street, take the left of the fork onto Washington Park Road (also known as Albany Plan of Union Avenue). To your left you will see a statue monument dedicated to Albany native, Sergeant William Henry Johnson, a World War I soldier. In front, you will notice a stunning garden with mid-late blooming red and white tulips, a tulip blend named Arrow Space. Bordering the center is a blend of creamy white tulips with double petals. Surrounding the entire garden is the small but mighty grape hyacinth.

*The Lancaster Garden: Washington Park Rd & Lancaster St, Albany, NY 12210
This garden was a focal point of the Floriade Gardens and existed before and now, after the Floriade Gardens. It is just the right size to catch the eye of passing by cars at this intersection. Here you will find crisp white petals with vibrant pink, rosy pink petals with soft pink edges and the Prosecco blend varying in shades of pink, orange, yellow and white. The high school students from The Albany Academies helped plant this bed.

*The Washington Park Moses Gardens: Washington Park Rd, Albany, NY 12203
The King Memorial Fountain is in the center with Moses striking the rock for water and surrounded by the four stages of life: infancy, youth, adulthood and old age. Each quadrant mirroring formal garden shapes and sizes of the others. Here you can enjoy breathtaking views of over 101,000 spring bulbs. An array of shapes and sizes, early, mid to late blooms and colors of the rainbow

*The Celebration Carpet: Washington Park Rd, Albany, NY 12203
Enjoy a short walk, 300 feet from the Moses statue and find a surprise garden this year in Washington Park. 2022 is the 75th anniversary that Albany sent 300 tons of war relief to the people of Nijmegen, Netherlands, our sister city. This year we celebrate that historic event with a walk-through garden that has a path right down the center of it.

*Description provided by the City Gardener Jena Commerford of The City of Albany Department of General Services