You made it! You made it through the drudgery of winter--the layers, the cold, the wet toes and worse--and now you can open up to the endless possibilities that await you in May. Everyone loves nice weather and BBQs, but we have a number of signature events coming your way this spring that will only add to your exuberance! Tulip Fest, yummy brunch with mama, baklava, barnstorming, manor life and more! Everyone's got spring fever--we've got spring fervor. 

1) Tulip Fest 

  If you haven't already, take a look here to see what's so unique about the Tulip Fest. Besides the beautiful tulips placed around Albany, the Tulip Fest brings multiple events to the community. Come to Washington Park and celebrate a piece of what makes Albany so unique and simply beautiful. With over 140,000 tulips coming to Washington Park May 7-8th, see Albany's rich Dutch Heritage come alive in this family event.


Tulips on a Sunny Day

  This is the 68th year of the Tulip Fest, starting with the official kickoff of Street Scrubbing on May 6th, a Dutch tradition to clean and scrub the streets before a large celebration. This event is free to the public, and takes place between State & Lodge Streets. This scrubbing is followed by the Tulip Festival Luncheon  to benefit the Tulip Court's educational programs. Other events include Tulip Tours, the Royal Tulip Ball, and you definitely do not want to miss the Tulip Queen Coronation Ceremony  at the Washington Park Lakehouse on May 7th.

  Besides fun-filled events, May 7th and May 8th is full of special offers & deals to further enjoy your experience in Albany. Take the time to spend the night after an exciting day, and take advantage of the hotel and restaurant specials taking place all weekend. While you're here, why not get the best value and experience possible? Check out the specials deals here!

2) Mother's Day!

  Let's take a moment to celebrate all mothers! You are greatly appreciated! So much so that on Mother's Day, Mayor Sheehan and b95.5's Joe Condon are coming to Washington Park Lakehouse for the 18th Annual Mother of the Year Award at 12pm. Stop by this free event after a stroll around the park! 


Mother's Day Events

  Mother's Day is a reason for all mothers and their families and friends to celebrate. All mamas love Mother's Day Brunch. Find great deals here

3) St. Sophia Greek Festival


St. Sophia Greek Festival

 "Go Greek" from Friday May 13th to Sunday May 15th at the St. Sophia Greek Festival. With authentic Greek food spanning from entrees to pastries and live Greek music, people of all ages are invited to celebrate in the largest Greek Festival in the Capital Region! Have you ever tried baklava, or loukoumades?  You better get ready to indulge in these sweet surprises. (Think fried dough with honey.) How about the more common gyro? Either way, these signature food items, as well as other Greek foods, souvenir shops, Church tours and amusement rides await! Find out more, and get your tickets here. 

4) Graduations

 Congratulations Grads! Congratulations to the family and friends of Grads! May is a time of celebrating the completion of colleges and universities. It is a time of ending chapters, and opening up new beginnings. Hard work pays off, and it is a time for celebration! With many schools in and around the Capital District, it is possible that you may be staying in the Albany area, or know of others coming to visit the area for this special time.

  The many hotels and restaurants in the area makes accommodating visitors a breeze. Celebrate at a local restaurant, and unwind at a hotel. (Find out more!) Although graduations can be stressful and full of many emotions, it is important to cherish the quality time that you do have, and Albany is here to help!

Stay at Albany Thruway Courtyard by Marriott


5) Fresh Air and Oudoor Adventures

  Outdoor delights abound in Albany. A sunny day can bring out the best in us. From taking the kids to the park, to outdoor BBQ's with family and friends, people truly seem to come alive in May. But what's a better way to spend outdoors than at I Love My Park Day  on May 7th? Spend the day at Thacher Park, Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site, or other areas such as the Albany Pine Bush and more.

  Head outdoors to the Farmers Market starting on May 4th at the Empire State Plaza! Support local businesses, grab some healthy food, and get some fresh air! 

Albany Pine Bush Preserve


  Love to Hike?  On May 21st, you can join Fran Martino for a night hike at the Olana State Historic Site. Click here for more info!

  Who doesn't love a beautiful garden? Take in your favorite historic sites, and learn about the gardens that surround them. Gardens were a prominent part of a number of historic homes in Albany, and these will be highlighted at a number of upcoming events this summer, as part of the Partners for Albany Stories Landscape Programs. The fun begins on Sunday, May 1, at the Albany History Fair at Historic Cherry Hill,with music, demonstrations, and presentations about Albany's agricultural and gardening past. Then, Saturday, May 21, check out the Shaker Barn Storming Weekend at Shaker Heritage Site. They'll be presenting a behind-the-scenes tour of the 1915 Church Family Barn. Then, Sunday May 22, join us at Historic Cherry Hill for the unveiling of the "garden temple" recreated by Albany craftsman Peter Leue. Schuyler Mansion is celebrating "Farm Day in the City" Saturday May 28, to show how life was on this 18th century manor. The event features music, demonstrations, animal exhibits, gardening, crafts, and much more. Whether you're an avid gardener, or an admirer with no green thumb, you're welcome to join us to learn more about Albany's growing history! More events will be promoted throughout the summer! 



  Check out our Events Calendar for these and other events in The Capital Region!