Looking for a fun, family-friendly winter activity? Lace up those ice skates and beat the winter blues! Ice skating is a classic winter activity in Albany County. From stunning ice skating rinks, to scenic ponds, scroll on for the details on where to ice skate in Albany County. 

Empire State Plaza Ice Rink

Skate into fun at the Empire State Plaza Ice Rink! This winter activity is a quintessential Albany experience. Open 12 PM to 8 PM, skate under the stars next to the stunning architecture of the New York State Capitol and Empire State Plaza. The ice rink is open Tuesday through Sunday, weather permitting. Skate rentals are $5 with free skate rentals every Saturday thanks to Hannaford! Rink updates are posted to this page

Swinburne Ice Skating Rink

Located within Swinburne Park, the Swinburne Ice Skating Rink is a go-to spot for ice skating in the City of Albany. Open daily, skating at the rink is incredibly affordable with $1 admission and $3 skate rentals. Before hitting the ice, register ahead of time at this link

Elm Avenue Park

Glide across the ice (for free!) at Elm Avenue Park. Bring your own skates (there are no rentals available) and enjoy an afternoon of ice skating at no cost. The scenic park, nestled in the Town of Bethlehem, is a charming backdrop for a family-friendly winter outing. A portion of the rink is set aside for hockey, so bring your friends for a match. The ice rink is open daily until 9:30 PM. For skating information including current conditions and updates, call 518-439-4955, option 7. When the green flag is flying, the skating rink is open. If the red flag is flying, the skating rink is closed. 

Buckingham Pond

Bundle up and embrace the chill for ice skating at Buckingham Pond. The scenic pond is located within Buckingham Lake Park in the City of Albany. Zig zag across the ice on the pond! Bring your own skates as there are no skate rentals available. Make sure to look for signs from the City of Albany Recreation Department for if the ice is safe to use. White signs with blue lettering mean "safe to skate" and yellow signs with black lettering indicate the ice is not safe. 

Buckingham Pond is not open for skating for the 2024 season yet.
Follow the City of Albany Department of Recreation for updates. 

Albany County Hockey Facility

Skate the day away at the Albany County Hockey Facility open 10 months of the year. The rink offers open skate with $4 admission, $3 for seniors and $2 for children under the age of 5. Make sure to grab a snack at the concession stand to fuel up in between trips around the rink. Click here for an open skate schedule and more information.

 Washington Park Lake

Make plans to ice skate at the Washington Park Lake. Tucked next to the stunning Spanish Revival style Lake House, the Washington Park Lake a picturesque place for ice skating. Have a flurry of fun gliding across the ice on the long, serpentine-shaped lake. Bring your own skates as rentals are not available. 

Washington Park Lake is not open for skating for the 2024 season yet.
Follow the City of Albany Department of Recreation for updates.