Participating in Dry January or just looking for some non-alcoholic options at local Albany businesses? Scroll through this list to find some of the best places for mocktails in Albany.

McGeary's Irish Pub

Visit this staple Irish pub in Albany throughout the month of January for a range of alcohol-free drinks and mocktails. Sip on non-alcoholic beer from Guinness to Heineken or enjoy some seasonal mocktails such as The Mistletoe with flavors of cranberry, orange and cinnamon or the Old Man Winter made from grapefruit juice, thyme syrup, club soda and a splash of lemonade. 

The Delaware 

This January visit The Delaware, one of the newest restaurants in Albany, for delicious mocktail and non-alcoholic options. All of the restaurant's non-alcoholic liquors are made in-house and are used for their selection of signature mocktails. Enjoy a Toddy Doesn't Know made with non-alcoholic whiskey, lemon, and honey simple, a Smoke & Mirrors mocktail with flavors of pineapple, lime, and jalapeno or the Loki cocktail made with non-alcoholic tequila, non-alcoholic triple sec, lime and spicy citrus shrub.

The Delaware also offers a selection of non-alcoholic beer. 

Nine Pin Cider

Nine Pin Cider offers a variety of non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy this winter. Sip on a Butterbeer made from maple vanilla soda, caramel and whipped cream or warm up with a Fireside Fizz made from apple fizz, rosemary syrup, and lemon juice. Celebrate the start of a new year with a sparkling cider Fauxmosa  or just sip on a can of non-alcoholic Samascott Sweet Cider. The cidery's Too Hot to Toddy can also be made non-alcoholic.

Want to make your own Fauxmosa at home? Find the recipe here

dp: An American Brasserie & Yono's Restaurant 

Yono's & dp An American Brasserie

Pair an elegant meal at dp: An American Brasserie or Yono's with one of their free-spirited cocktail selections. Order a "Faux"-jito combining muddled mint and lime with ginger ale or a "N/A rgarita" made from jalepeno, lime juice and grape juice.

For something on the sweeter side enjoy a Coco Colada with flavors of coconut, pineapple and orange or a Balinese Lemonade crafted from lemongrass syrup, cranberry juice, lemon juice and seltzer. 

Nicole's Restaurant

Pair a delicious meal crafted by the chefs at Nicole's Restaurant with a tasty mocktail! The restaurant's mocktail selection include an N/A Cranberry Mul made from cranberry juice, rosemary syrup, Saranac NA, and ginger beer, a N/A Apple Cardamom Shrub combining blackberry peppercorn shrub with club soda, and a N/A Bada Bing Refresher with flavors of cherry and lemon. 

City Beer Hall

Stop by City Beer Hall for tasty mocktail selections like the N/A Cranberry Mint Martini made with mint, orange, lemon juice and cranberry juice or the N/A Peach Mule made with peach puree, lime juice, ginger, n/a ginger beer and soda water. For something a little more spicy enjoy the N/A Spicy Jalapeno Margarita pictured above with flavors of jalapeno, orange, lime and pineapple.

Olde English Pub

Olde English Snow

The Olde English Pub has a variety of tasty seasonal beverages that can be made alcohol-free upon request. Take a sip of the Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum with flavors of pineapple juice and spiced simple, perk up with a Sticky Toffee Coffee, enjoy a cranberry-lime Merry Mule, or warm up this winter with a non-alcoholic Hot Toddy. The pub also offers The Olivia, a mocktail made from hearty berry syrup, grapefruit, club soda and lemon.

The Excelsior Pub

During a chilly day this January, enjoy the Excelsior Pub's first mocktail of 2024: Heavy Petting on the Beach. This summery drink pictured above offers flavors of mango, pineapple, and coconut.

The Hollow Bar + Kitchen

The Hollow Bar + Kitchen

Visit the Hollow Bar + Kitchen for delicious mocktail options this January. Order the Sour Puss made from seedlip grove 42, sparkling grapefruit soda and muddled lime. Or sip on the Mule Minus the Moscow combining muddled orange and mint with ginger beer and seedlip spice 94.

 Albany War Room Tavern

Albany War Room Tavern Exterior

Take a trip to this sushi and steakhouse for delicious, fruit-flavored mocktail options. The War Room Tavern offers the Springtime Surprise made from peach nectar, simple syrup, lemon juice and grenadine and Paradise Punch made from pineapple juice, ginger beer and grenadine.