Congratulations, you finally made it to the Capital Region. As you try to explore the city for yourself, you'll probably be looking for an easy and convenient way to get around. Even if you don't have the whip handy or just don't feel like driving in an unfamiliar area, there are plenty of alternative means of transportation to navigate the Albany area.

1. Uber (and Lyft) Everywhere
This one's pretty self-explanatory. You can be one of the lucky few to test out these ride-share services in Upstate NY as operation begins June 29th. 


2. Capital City Shuttle
This recently launched pilot shuttle service connects the Lark Street, Downtown Albany and Warehouse District neighborhoods. The free service runs 5:00pm through 12:30am Thursday through Saturday until Labor Day. You can download the CityFinder app to track shuttle locations and detailed points of interest, and shuttles should arrive every 20 minutes or so.


3. CDPHP Cycle!
For all my bike-enthusiasts out there, Albany's brand-new bike sharing service will be sure to satisfy all your cycling desires. Pick up a bike from one of 38 brand new stations spanning the CDTA's four county service areas and cruise through the city. Locations can be found here.


4. Walk it Out
Shocking, I know, but you will be able to get plenty of exercise while enjoying the beautiful summer weather. Sure, there's the chance you might get a little lost, but think of the sweet adventure stories you'll be able to tell all your friends about. Who knows, you might even have a chance to interact with local residents who probably know a thing or two about some the hidden gems buried across the region. The Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hill Trail is a lovely option to check out if you have the chance.


With you ride situation all figured out, you will have problem getting to your destination. Maybe you might want to check out some of these happy hour spots.  

Additional transportation options and detailed maps can be found here.