Looking for inspiration on how to sprinkle some local flair into your #AlbanyEverAfter? We asked Albany wedding professionals how they are seeing couples embrace the "think local" trend. Answers ranged from party favors from local makers to a post-reception dessert from a food truck. Keep reading for the inside scoop from wedding industry experts! 

Special thank you to Joe Vogel Photography for the photo above.

Carey Institute for Global Good

"Many of our couples give their guests local maple syrup and honey for wedding favors. A number of guests have ordered cider donuts for dessert, or brought in a local value-added food or dessert truck for a specialty appetizer or ice cream after dinner. Several couples have featured table names on placecards that reflect a local flavor, like “Thatcher Table” and “Huyck Table”.  - Sarah Avery Gordon, Director of External Affairs

Pruyn House

"Many of our couples have chosen farm-to-table caterers to ensure that ingredients will be local and fresh." - Tami Sherry, Assistant Curator

The Century House

"The Century House has been family owned and operated by the same family since it was established in 1949. Many of our couples have ties to the House because they “grew up with us”, having attended family events or parents who held their wedding receptions with us, so they want to carry on the tradition. We've also seen favors that feature products from local companies such as locally crafted beer, food trucks at the after party, and welcome bags with all the local hot items" - Maribeth Livingston, Director of Marketing

Fort Orange General Store

"We've seen more couples buy gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen that are made locally." - Schuyler Bull, Owner 

City Beer Hall

"I think our location in historic downtown Albany, along with the fact that our building originated as Albany's old telephone company in 1903, really draws couples who hold the Capital Region dear to their heart. We've hosted several weddings where couples met and grew their relationship in the region, and even a few who have met at The City Beer Hall! They love that we offer local breweries, cideries, and distilleries who's spirits can be incorporated into signature cocktails. With our kitchen focusing on local and seasonal ingredients, all these touches come together to create a recipe for a beautiful wedding with a focus on local pride." - Jessa Arnold, Director of Events & Social Marketing