Engaged couples, don't fret! There are creative ways to keep your #AlbanyEverAfter affordable, but still as dreamy as ever. We posed the question to Albany wedding professionals, "What are your out-of-the-box ideas for keeping weddings affordable?" Keep reading for tips and tricks from the experts! 

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Carey Institute for Global Good

"Think about scheduling a winter wedding, and take advantage of off-season pricing.  The vast majority of our inquiries are for summer dates, and we only have about 20 weekends to sell.  But, we can be more flexible on pricing and creative with packages for weddings that take place off-season, or even on weekdays. Our wedding clients love that we have accommodations available for our guests onsite, reducing shuttle and transportation costs, but also giving couples more quality time with their guests. To cut down on catering costs the day of your wedding, we offer bagged lunches to guests who check in early, as well as the wedding party, so guests can grab them and head off for a hike, picnic at Lake Myosotis, or the tennis court to unwind for a while before their big moment." - Sarah Avery Gordon, Director of External Affairs

Pruyn House

"To keep weddings affordable many couples have embraced food trucks instead of full-service catering. One couple hired a food truck and an ice cream truck!  They park behind the Barn (venue) and bring a generator.  Guests went to the truck and ordered what they wanted.  Wagon Train and Slidin’ Dirty are regulars here." - Tami Sherry, Assistant Curator

Fort Orange General Store

"Use unique venues, such as the Fort Orange General Store. We recently hosted a bridal shower for 50 guests who enjoyed a catered meal and even did some shopping! I believe personalization is key - couples are looking for ways to express themselves through every aspect of their celebration, including selecting venues that are of particular interest or hold a special place in their hearts. If you can find a space that represents you, and comes at an affordable price, it's a win-win!" - Schuyler Bull, Owner 

The Century House

"Book your wedding for a Sunday or a Friday during the holiday season. Saturday weddings are the most popular, and therefore, usually have higher minimum spends so booking on a Sunday or Friday may be more affordable. During the holidays, venues tend to be decorated with seasonal décor, requiring very little extra if the theme is right for you." - Maribeth Livingston, Director of Marketing

Shaker Heritage Barn

"As for affordability, rent what you can rather than buy and keep your guest list to those most important to you! Renting linens or led votive candles is a great way to save and also not to end up with 75 candles that you have no use for again in the future (or 20 some linens!). Guests... it's all in how you present it. If you are aiming to have an intimate wedding with close friends and family, make that known right away to all friends and family, before they begin creating their own add-on lists and ask them (again, up front) to respect your wishes on this. If the couple themselves are not paying the bill, this of course changes. If parents are paying, they should ultimately have a say in the guest list." - Nicole Nero, Wedding Planner