We are featuring Kim Ryan, Sales & Marketing Manager at Wolferts Roost Country Club. She brings 14+ years of industry experience to her role. Keep reading to discover her favorite space, current trends, favorite menu item and more!


Wolferts Roost

What is your favorite space in your facility?

Hmmm.. tough one. Our grounds are almost Cathedral-esque. My favorite space would be the Ballroom Patio. You can look out over the Putting Green / 18th Fairway / Dennis Porch / Veranda and Member’s Patio.


Wolferts Roost wedding

What trends take place at your facility? (Green Initiatives, Meeting Space set up, Agenda shifts)

In my short time with “The Roost”, I’m finding our Wedding Inquiries are looking for the Vintage / Retro venues.  They grew up here / attended a wedding here or are looking for historical and retro to be incorporated in their special day.


Wolferts Roost

What is your favorite menu offering at your facility?

Mixed Berry Gazpacho. Sooo refreshing any time of year.Has a blend of a variety of berries and then there is “surprise guest” of Spearmint that shows up late and makes the Party, type of thing!


Wolferts Roost Country Club wedding

What do you think is the best way for event managers to be creative while remaining cost effective?

A couple things come to mind straight away: The first is to always be mindful of the basics: COGS ( cost of goods sold ): food / operating expenses from dishes to electricity to labor. The second is to stay on point with classic foods but bring in the “trend” of presentation. A caterer / venue can serve simple items of macaroni & cheese with a twist of something – albeit it secret ingredient to pasta type to enhancement or a Bruschetta with fun breads / infused olive oils to make it memorable.