We are featuring Eric DeYoung, Event Manager of CMIAV at the Albany Capital Center! Eric brings 21 years of industry experience to his role. Keep reading to learn more about the audio-visual services offered at the Albany Capital Center, how to make the biggest and best impact with AV on a limited budget and more. 


Albany Capital Center

What audio-visual services do you offer at the Albany Capital Center?

We offer everything from Lighting, Audio, Video, Recording, Production Services Scenic Design and décor, CAD Drawings and Renderings, LED Wall, Rigging Services, and Specialized Technical Labor.


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CMIAV is the Albany Capital Center’s preferred, in-house audio-visual service provider. Tell us a bit about your experience working in AV at the Capital Center.

I have been here since May of this year however with over a decade of experience as a Project Manager for large meetings and events held in Convention Centers throughout North America as well as here in Albany. I have done site visits, prepared budget forecasts, specified, ordered and facilitated the set-up and operation of equipment for client events.  In addition, my responsibilities include determining technical labor requirements and assigning those people to execute successful events.  The functionality of the ACC and the large rooms with flexible space, connected to the Empire Plaza, the Times Union Center and the Renaissance Hotel allow clients the opportunity to be creative and utilize the space.  Since I began working here, some of the clients that I worked with in the past have held events here and it has been fun calling on my national experience in this new multipurpose building. The relationships here in the ACC and the Capital Region are very important to me, as I am a big believer in building relationships not just having clients. I am very involved in the whole process from concept to completion.


Albany Capital Center

What is your process for planning the audio-visual needs of a meeting?

As soon as a client books their event I reach out to them to match their requirements with our services. As we work together to meet their needs it is common to spend some time walking through the space and discuss how things will fit and pointing out audiovisual options for them to consider.  I review their agenda and discuss what they have done in the past, looking at any print materials and images of their last event.  Typically, I prepare a proposal or estimate depending on the scope of the event. With the advancements in technology, it is important to talk with the clients and offer new ideas and any ways that we can make an event more engaging.  Part of my responsibilities include educating the clients and being supportive to them.  We want to make the process smooth, so that the event planner can focus on the other myriad of things they have to do to make the event successful. Throughout the process we work on building a great lasting relationship.  


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How can meeting planners make the best and biggest impact with AV on a limited budget?

The most important part of the meeting is getting the message across. We help the planner do that with many different forms of audio-visual equipment. The biggest impact comes from the client’s content and presenters.  We can help review their agenda and offer suggestions for improvement.  We often look over the presenter’s slideshows to make sure sizing and continuity are accurate. We see a lot of presentations throughout the year and our awareness of fonts, graphic options, slide transitions and other related items can fine tune a slideshow and make it more appealing. Our equipment is a supporting tool in that process. Although, we all like moving lights, LED walls, laser shows, fireworks and the newest technology, if the budget isn’t there, we have to remember that the message and content is the reason for the meeting in the first place.