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May 30, 2018


Locals Brew Up a Taste of Albany History  
C.H. Evans Brewer Collaborates with Albany Beer Historian to Recreate Mid-19th Century Albany Ale Recipe

Albany, NY – C.H. Evans Head Brewer Sam Pagano and Beer Historian Craig Gravina (co-author of “Upper Hudson Valley Beer” and co-founder of The Albany Ale Project) will brew “Albany Ale” at the Albany Pump Station on Thursday, May 31 at 9am.

The brewers will work their magic, mashing, mixing, fermenting, and crafting this historic ale beginning at 9am, and will be on-hand to talk through the process until 2pm.

Gravina uncovered the recipe for the 19th century brew and the panel will be presenting the beer for the third installment of the popular panel series "Proost! A Brewed and Boozy Sampling of Mid-19th Century Albany," hosted at the Stephen and Harriet Myers Residence on June 22nd.

“Beer and Albany go hand in hand. Brewing has been part of Albany's history and culture since the earliest Dutch settlers, and by the 1800s the city had become one of North America's most prolific brewing centers. Albany Ale could be found all over the Western Hemisphere!” says Beer Historian Craig Gravina. “But to really understand beer and spirits role in history you need to look at what else was happening at the time. That's what I love about the Proost! events. They help contextualize beer and spirits into the greater history. The development of the Erie Canal, industrialization, the social reform movements of the era, and even the Civil War, shaped how Albanians, New Yorkers, and really all Americans, viewed and consumed alcohol in the 19th century.”

“Proost!” is one of the sponsored programs promoting Discover Albany’s “Tastes and Traditions”, a year-long initiative celebrating Albany’s culinary accomplishments and excitement. Moderated by culinary writer and historian Deanna Fox, ‘Proost’ celebrates historic beer and spirits culture. Distiller Johnny Curtain, beer historian Craig Gravina, and C.H. Evan’s brewer Sam Pagano will take you back in time with samples inspired by the beverages that early Americans in Albany drank.

“What Sam, Craig and the rest of the ‘Proost’ storytellers are doing is incredibly important,” says Maeve McEneny, Discover Albany Education Coordinator. “Albany has incredible history and beautiful architecture to back up it up, but food and drink humanizes these stories. When we’re given the chance to taste what our descendants might have drank or we eat the food they would have had access to, it brings us that much closer to our past and a better understanding of our roots.”

The Albany Distilling Company, C.H. Evans Brewery Company, The Albany Ale Project, and Discover Albany with The Underground Railroad History Project will present "Proost! A Brewed and Boozy Sampling of Mid-19th Century Albany" on June 22. Attendees who wish to sample must be 21+ and present a valid photo ID. Space is limited; reservations required.


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