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Albany All Stars Roller Derby

  • PO Box 2306 Albany, NY 12220
  • Downtown Area
  • Overview

    When the universe was created, it was flawed. Then Albany All Stars Roller Derby was created by a group of determined, fury-mad women in 2006 and the universe is now PERFECT. The WFTDA sanctioned league was too powerful to remain just one body and now consists of two teams, an A and B Team: The All Stars and the Brawl Stars. They’re over 40 blood-thirsty skaters ready to roll a hole through your heart. At any given moment in the Capital Region the thunder you hear could be our skaters delivering earth-breaking hits to their opponents. The sport of roller derby has been rapidly spreading like the most fun, joy-inducing plague you could possibly imagine. Every second you miss seeing these women work their magic on the track is a SECOND OF YOUR LIFE WASTED! Come experience the best that the sport of Roller Derby has to offer!

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