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Explore the history and architecture of Albany by embarking on a walking tour... More

From the Helderberg Hilltowns to the Hudson River, there are so many activities that you can experience in Albany. We've assembled some of our favorite activities into themed itineraries below including outdoor adventure, baseball, food & wine, and so many more.

Feel free to go off course to find your amazing discovery in Albany. Check back often to see what new itineraries we've added and to watch videos of our staff experiencing the itineraries first hand!



Sample Itineraries

Meander the Albany Craft Beverage Trail


The Albany Craft Beverage Trail runs along Broadway in downtown Albany. Two breweries, a cidery, and a distillery will tempt your taste buds and leave you wanting more...more

Family Fun in Winter Months


Discover your own family adventure in Albany County by choosing a few or as many of these activities as you can fit into your trip!..more

Philip Schuyler Itinerary


Philip Schuyler was an extremely influential individual in the Albany area, and also the early United States at large. Schuyler was a General during the American Revolution, where he rubbed shoulders with other Generals like Benedict Arnold and George Washington with who he became close friends. Schuyler was also a New York State Senator, and with all his local roles, he is a testament to the importance of Albany historically. Some of the historic sites from his lifetime are still around today, read on to find out where they are located!..more

Jack "Legs" Diamond Intinerary


Jack Diamond was an Irish American Gangster who rose in power during Prohibition, and was known for his flamboyant lifestyle, as well as his ability to survive getting shot. His nickname ‘Clay Pigeon’ was testament to his survival of ten bullet wounds, three from a shotgun and seven from pistols. His nickname ‘Legs’ could’ve been derived from his dancing talent, or how quick he was on his feet when out running law enforcement. Diamond was, at the time, the biggest celebrity in Upstate New York, and had his hands in bootlegging, armed robbery, kidnapping, and also ran his Albany Club, called Hotsy Totsy. Unfortunately his club is no longer open for business, but there are plenty of other exciting Albany locations to visit, read on to see what they are!..more

Henry Hudson Itinerary


Henry Hudson, a prominent explorer during the 17th Century, made major headway to find a Northwest Passage while working for the Dutch East India Company. Hudson discovered the river that now holds his name, which divides the cities of Albany and Rensselaer. Known as one of the greatest 17th Century navigators, he is more than qualified to lead you through this itinerary in Albany!..more

Abraham Lincoln Itinerary


Upon entering Albany on a train named Erastus Corning Jr., a signal was flashed to the Dudley Observatory who fired off a twenty one gun salute, signaling President Elect Lincoln had entered the city. Lincoln had stopped at the Capital City on his way to Washington to his inauguration. While you won’t be met with the same greeting, read below for a Lincoln-inspired itinerary through Albany!..more

Outdoor Adventure


Albany is so much more than a city-it is a county full of adventures waiting to be had. Explore the outdoors in Albany County and experience outdoor adventure and the beauty of nature like never before with the help of this itinerary!..more

The Culinary Capital


Consider Albany the Culinary Capital and explore all of your options during a culinary themed getaway or use this itinerary to help you decide where your reservations should be made...more

Hilltowns Guide


The Helderberg Hilltowns are located in Albany County, comprised of the towns of Rennselaerville, Knox, Berne, and Westerlo. These four towns in addition to neighboring Coeymans, New Scotland, and Bethlehem are home to a spectacular arrangement of water, forestry, and rolling hills in a rural country side. A number of attractions within the Hilltowns provide a place to engage in outdoor activities that appeal to all fitness and skill levels...more

Haunted Albany


Whether you're a true believer or a die-hard skeptic, a visit to any one of Albany's haunted location will be able to test your beliefs. Filled with spooky sites with horrifying stories and a whole lot of history, this Haunted Albany itinerary is a great way for ghost lovers and non-believers alike to spend their time in Albany, NY...more

Baseball in Albany & Cooperstown


Knock it out of the park with this suggested baseball itinerary. Start at home plate in Albany and head out to left field (West) to Cooperstown for the National Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony. We'll even tell you where to get the best hot dogs in town!..more

Three-Day Exploration of Albany


This itinerary provides a general overview of Albany and its many offerings for visitors. Feel free to mix and match activities to fit your schedule!..more



More itineraries are coming soon! 

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