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  • Albany Albany, NY 12207
  • Downtown Area
  • Overview

    The world around us is full of hidden historical gems. Explore with HEAR about HERE where you can hear stories about people, places and events that happened near you using the GPS in your smartphone.

    Our mission is to tell you all about Albany’s 400+ years, three minutes at time.

    So HEAR more about these treasures with us and click through to our partners to learn even more.
    Get Started by finding out what Hidden Gems are nearby just waiting to be explored.

    The Old Pasture: Albany’s Melting Pot: https://bit.ly/3cPXbN0
    Albany’s Pastures Neighborhood started out in colonial Dutch times as just that, a pasture. City Historian. Tony Opalka, tells Tales of the Pastures from its time as a pastures outside the city for animal grazing to the present.

    New Netherland Audio Tour: https://bit.ly/36qDqKN
    Albany’s colonial history began in 1609 with Hudson’s voyage and Dutch influence lasted into the 19th century. Audio tales are told with photos and GPS locating to allow visitors to hear, see and imagine Albany’s Dutch past.

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