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Shamanism, Dying, and Life After Life | Advanced Shamanic Training

  • Location: Reiki Rocks Crystal Shoppe 1811 Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12203 Albany, NY 12203
  • Dates: 7/27/2024, 7/28/2024
  • Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Price: Early-bird discount: $275 (until July 6). After, $295. Bundle discount for two other week-of shamanic trainings available.
  • Overview

    Death is a natural part of life. And yet, in our Western culture, we treat death like an abomination.

    We do everything that we can to avoid it, praise and glorify youth, and reject the idea that we ourselves, and our loved ones, will someday die.

    But this is not the shaman's way. For the shaman's way is one in which we enter a sacred relationship with death, work with the dying to help them to have a beautiful journey Home, and aid those souls who get stuck in their transition into the Light to take that final (until next time!) journey of transcendence.

    In this advanced training, originated by world-renowned shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman, MA, you will explore working with the dying, healing the haunting deceased, and life beyond death.

    Together, we will dive into:

    - Addressing your own fear(s) around death to step deeper into health, service, and life itself,
    - The shamanic practice of psychopomp - conducting the souls of the dying, the dead, the haunting, and the possessing,
    - Why souls sometimes get stuck in our world instead of transitioning on - and why this is a spiritual global health issue,
    - The destiny of souls from a shamanic perspective,
    - A profound initiatory experience of dropping the body and ego - as one does in death - and the ineffable healing that comes with it,
    - Teaching the dying how to journey to their own spirit allies to access curing, comfort, or assistance in their transition,
    - Experiencing where you yourself will travel to after death,
    - Resolving unfinished business with the departed,
    - Psychopomp for haunting souls, counseling and guiding them safely into the Beyond,
    - A power-filled group psychopomp ceremony,
    - Journeying for a life review while you are still alive, so that you may create a future of richness, beauty, and ineffable meaning,
    - And so much more.

    This incredible and expansive workshop will be held in the historic and lively capital of New York State - Albany. The venue (which infuses its crystals, locally-made jewelry, and all other products with Reiki energy, and will have spiritual services available during workshop off-hours), is only minutes from Albany International Airport, the stand-out beauty of the Albany Pine Bush, and a short drive to the breathtaking cliff views of Thacher State Park - all while being just steps away from the rich cuisine, summer concerts, and entertainment of the city.

    Ultimately, whether you take this workshop as a hospice worker, death doula, or curious spiritual seeker, this training is about healing. Exploring the cosmology of the after-death realms, healing your fears about death, counseling others, crossing souls stuck in the world of the living, and shifting personal and cultural consciousness about death as a sacred rite of passage - these profound explorations take us not only into a deeper relationship with life, but a greater understanding of the shaman's role as healer - of the living, the dying, and the dead.

    Completion of both days of this workshop serves as the Death & Dying training prerequisite for application to Sandra Ingerman's 2025-2026 Two-Year Teacher Training in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing.


    Note: This advanced workshop is part of a powerful week of shamanic trainings with me at Reiki Rocks Crystal Shoppe, which include the basic Shaman's Journey (garrettpjackson.com/events/p/nybasic) and advanced Shamanic Extraction (garrettpjackson.com/events/p/nyext) trainings. Bundle discount is available.

    Prerequisite: Strong shamanic journey practice (this means that you journey successfully, and have a strong relationship with a helping spirit that you found in the Upper or Lower Worlds). This can be gained by taking a Shaman's Journey Basic Workshop with me in-person or privately online (visit garrettpjackson.com to learn more), another beginning workshop with a colleague on shamanicteachers.com, or comprehension of and success using the material in Sandra Ingerman's Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide. Contact me with any questions.

    Dates and Times: Saturday, July 27 and Sunday, July 28 | 10am-5pm both days.

    Location: Reiki Rocks Crystal Shoppe, 1811 Western Avenue, Albany, New York.

    What to Bring: Art supplies (paper, pastel crayons - whatever calls to you), something to cover your eyes with (such as a sleep mask or a bandana), a writing utensil and notebook, and a blanket and other items you may need to comfortably lie on the floor. Optional items include a drum and/or rattle, a lunch/snacks, and something to place on our sacred altar for the weekend. Dress comfortably; no formal attire necessary!

    Tuition: Early-bird discount of $275 until July 6. After that, $295. If registering for this workshop AND The Shaman's Journey AND Shamanic Extraction Training, bundle tuition (available at garrettpjackson.com/bundlereg/p/nysummer24) is $825.

    REGISTER NOW AT garrettpjackson.com/events/p/nylifeafter

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