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Shamanic Extraction Training

  • Location: Reiki Rocks Crystal Shoppe 1811 Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12203 Albany, NY 12203
  • Dates: 7/24/2024, 7/25/2024
  • Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Price: Early-bird discount: $275 (until July 3). After, $295. Bundle discount for two other week-of shamanic trainings available.
  • Overview

    Our world is polluted with psychic litter - unintentionally sent out by none other than our own toxic thoughts, emotions, and words.

    These energies, when they enter ourselves or another, can cause and contribute to localized pain and physical and emotional illness. And when hurled into the world at their current volume, these intrusions can cause a lot of personal and collective damage.

    In this advanced training, originated by world-renowned shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman, MA, you will discover how to safely remove misplaced energy connected to pain and illness through the shamanic healing method of extraction.

    In this circle, you will explore:

    - The four major causes of illness that shamans perceive,
    - The causes and nature of spiritual intrusions,
    - Being shown firsthand the damage spiritual intrusions can do,
    - The crucial difference between expressing and sending emotions - and ways to transform your challenging ones,
    - Merging with a helping spirit so that you are empowered and protected in extraction healing,
    - Finding your personal shamanic extraction spirit helper,
    - Methods of diagnosing, extracting, and transforming intrusive energy,
    - Rituals for ensuring your energetic cleanliness, both before and after extraction,
    - Doing extractions for children, animals, land, and beyond,
    - Making healthy life shifts so that the power of your extraction healing lasts long-term,
    - And much more.

    This cleansing workshop will be held in the historic and lively capital of New York State - Albany. The venue (which infuses its crystals, locally-made jewelry, and all other products with Reiki energy, and may have spiritual services available during workshop off-hours), is only minutes from Albany International Airport, the stand-out beauty of the Albany Pine Bush, and a short drive from the breathtaking cliff views of Thacher State Park - all while being just steps away from the rich cuisine, summer concerts, and entertainment of the city.

    In the majority of my own shamanic healing sessions, extraction is used. This, perhaps, speaks to the need we in our culture - one that does not understand the spiritual power that our challenging states of consciousness hold - have to finally come back into alignment with a fundamental shamanic truth: that we can experience the full range of human thought and emotion, but that this does not necessitate sending that toxicity to others. In this training, we will begin to expand our awareness of this crucial balance, and learn how to rectify our poor psychic behavior through the clearing practice of shamanic extraction.

    Completion of both days of this workshop serves as the extraction training prerequisite for application to Sandra Ingerman's 2025-2026 Two-Year Teacher Training in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing.


    Note: This advanced workshop is part of a powerful week of shamanic trainings with me at Reiki Rocks Crystal Shoppe, which include the basic Shaman's Journey (garrettpjackson.com/events/p/nybasic) and advanced Shamanism, Dying, and Life After Life (garrettpjackson.com/events/p/nylifeafter) trainings. Bundle discount is available.

    Prerequisite: Strong shamanic journey practice (this means that you journey successfully, and have a strong relationship with a helping spirit that you found in the Upper or Lower Worlds). This can be gained by taking a Shaman's Journey Basic Workshop with me in-person or privately online, another beginning workshop with a colleague on shamanicteachers.com, or comprehension of and success using the material in Sandra Ingerman's Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide. Please contact me with any questions.

    Dates and Times: Wednesday, July 24 and Thursday, July 25 | 10am-5pm both days.

    Location: Reiki Rocks Crystal Shoppe, 1811 Western Avenue, Albany, New York.

    What to Bring: Something to cover your eyes with (such as a sleep mask or a bandana), a writing utensil and notebook, and a blanket and other items you may need to comfortably lie on the floor. Optional items include a drum and/or rattle, a lunch/snacks, and something to place on our sacred altar for the weekend. Dress comfortably; no formal attire necessary!

    Tuition: Early-bird discount of $275 until July 3. After that, $295. If registering for this workshop AND The Shaman's Journey AND Shamanism, Dying, and Life After Life, bundle tuition (available at garrettpjackson.com/bundlereg/p/nysummer24) is $825.

    REGISTER NOW AT garrettpjackson.com/events/p/nyext

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