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NYS Writers Institute: Steven Pinker

  • Presented By: NYS Writers Institute Page Hall, 135 Western Avenue, Downtown Campus, Albany, NY 12203 Albany, NY 12203
  • Dates: January 24, 2019
  • Time: 7:30 PM
  • Price: Free
  • Overview

    Steven Pinker Neuroscientist and bestselling author

    University at Albany 175th Anniversary Keynote Presentation 

    Steven Pinker, cognitive neuroscientist, is one of the world’s most influential thinkers on the subjects of language, mind, behavior, and what it means to be human. 

    His new book is Enlightenment Now (2018), a passionate argument for the enduring values of reason and science in the face of resurgent anti-intellectualism, prejudice, and magical thinking.

    Bill Gates called it, “my new favorite book of all time,” and Michael Shermer, writing for Science, called it, “the most uplifting work of science I’ve ever read.” 

    Pinker’s previous books include How the Mind Works  (1997), The Better Angels of Our Nature  (2011) and The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century (2014).

    Presented by the NYS Writers Institute at the University at Albany.