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Learn 10 at the Ann Lee Pond Nature Preserve: Trees

  • Dates: 9/30/2023
  • Time: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Overview

    Ever wonder what type of tree you are looking at? Do you know a dogwood from a blueberry? Have a clue about just how many types of asters and goldenrod plants there are?

    Join us for a walk, or three walks, and you’ll be able to tell a beech tree from a locust, spot a honeysuckle at 10 paces, and be wowed by the fact that there are asters – and then there are many other asters.

    You don’t have to be any kind of plant expert to participate, and sessions will be relaxed and supportive. Join us for walks around Ann Lee Pond Nature Preserve (near the Albany Airport) during the spring and summer to learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to correctly identifying plants. We will focus on ten common New York species, look at actual specimens in the field, and focus on the features that will help you distinguish one species from all others. (Chances are that we’ll probably mention a few other interesting plants along the way.)

    This program is cosponsored by the Shaker Heritage Society and the New York Flora Association. Sessions will be led by Steve Young, former Chief Botanist of the New York State Natural Heritage Program. The walks are free but limited to 10 people each. They will take place at the Ann Lee Pond Nature Preserve which is near the Albany Airport.

    To register, go to the field trip page at the New York Flora Association at https://nyflora.org/eventsdirectory/ and register under the Learn 10 Classes for the Shaker Heritage Society.

    The walks will take place from 9am to noon on these dates:

    • Sunday, May 21 – 10 Shrubs

    • Saturday, August 5 – 10 Trees

    • Saturday, September 30 – 10 Asters & Goldenrods

    Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy at the Shaker Heritage site afterwards!

    You can access the event flyer here.

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