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Gallery Tour Unveiled: Wedding Wear in New York, 1910s–1940s

  • Dates: 6/27/2024
  • Time: Varies
  • Price: FREE
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    In choosing their wedding clothes, brides and grooms are influenced by fashion, economics, technology, religion, geography, celebrity, personal taste, and their role in society. This was as much the case in the past as it is today.

    Wedding clothing holds memories, and pieces—dresses, shoes, suits, and head wear—are often preserved and passed to subsequent generations. A couple’s choices reveal information about both the individuals who wore them and those who made them. Some garments, like those exhibited here from the 1910s to 1940s, find their way to museum collections. Unveil these stories with exhibit curator, Connie Frisbee Houde, as she highlights pieces from the exhibit, Unveiled: Wedding Wear in New York, 1910s–1940s.

    June 16, 2024:
    Be sure to bring along your creativity for fun, artful activities on this visit to the State Museum in celebration of Father’s Day!


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