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Empowerment + Self-Respect - Judge Rosemarie Aqualina

  • Dates: August 21, 2019
  • Time: 5:00 PM
  • Price: $20
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    Presented by the Times Union

    All athletes deserve to participate in sports free from bullying, hazing, sexual misconduct or any form of emotional or physical abuse. Judge Rosemarie Aqualina sentenced Larry Nassar in the USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal. She made it her mission to give voices to Larry Nassar's survivors and, in the process, emerged as a fierce support system, eager to create a safe environment for victims of abuse in her courtroom. Judge Aqualina is a highly outspoken and an engaging personality; she will discuss how athletes have the right to be protected from emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. She is an empowerment advocate supporting women to find their voices recognize how strong they are, powerful and full of potential. Susan Mehalick, Executive Editor Women@Work and City Editor at the Times Union will interview Judge Aqualina.

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