Fans of the movie Dirty Dancing rejoice! The show for you is currently playing on Proctor Main Stage.


The stage adaption of the hit 80's movie takes a different route than many of the recent movie-turned-musicals such as Sister Act and Ghost, which honored the original stories while adding new music. It even differs from the ideas of Flash Dance, which spun the 80's background songs from the movies in narratives sung by the main characters.

Dirty Dancing The Musical is a horse of a different color altogether. Consider it a play with great dancing and musical interludes from the movie sung by members of the ensemble. It's a unique and fantastic horse of a different color that fans are going to love.

Christopher Tierney plays the role of Johnny made famous by the late Patrick Swayze. Tierney gallops in like the stud the character should be. With deep voice, suave charisma, and amazing dance moves, Tierney wows the audience.

Bronwyn Reed plays the sexy, stammered, and sultry role of Baby. As Reed's arch in the show pivots and turns you can't help but cheer and dance with a character you know all too well. Reed brought tenacity and real talent. Great dancers, which the show is filled with, wow you with their talent. Amazing dancers, like Reed, astound you with her talent to truly make it look like she's learning to dance before your eyes. It's harder to pull off than many may think and Reed does it smashingly!

 Any real fan will not be disappointed. The famous scenes and moments have translated beautifully to the stage. A packed house on opening night cheered as each memorable moment from the movie. It's hard to judge what was louder the whisper of everyone in the audience saying "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" or the scream which came from the crowd once Teirney said the famous line.

 The set which mixes great moving pieces and fun projections is just what this show needs all things considered. The costumes are some of the most beautiful to grace Proctors stage in some time. The music is a soundtrack fans will know well. Get tickets to see Dirty Dancing at Proctors, you'll have the time of your life!