Header Photo Credit: Jayana LaFountaine (@jayanalafotos) courtesy of The Good Karma Studio

Looking to boost your health and wellness this year? We connected with some of Albany County's health and wellness experts for their best tips and tricks. The Good Karma Studio, the Capital Region's only certified circus arts studio, offers a variety of fitness offerings such as aerial yoga and bungee fitness. Keep reading for tips and tricks from The Good Karma Studio owner Jessica Lubin. 


Do you have any tips for overcoming "Zoom Fatigue" or any other wellness-related challenges that come with working from home?

Rest your eyes and take movement breaks! A great tip or trick, is to set timers on your phone so you don’t forget to pause amongst the busyness. Close your eyes and take some deep cleansing and clearings breaths to reset. Then get up and MOVE or STRETCH! Walk laps around your kitchen, go up and down the stairs 10xs, or kill two birds with one stone by chasing your pet or kids around the house to get everyone’s blood flowing! During longer Zoom/online stints, try adding simple chair yoga positions and other means of stretching WHILE you’re working. Think—neck and shoulder rolls, twists, side bends, forward folds, heel raises. If you’re within the means to purchase a new desk setup, look into a standing desk, exercise ball-like chairs and so on to keep you moving and posture-correct while typing the day away!


Do you have any tips or words of encouragement to help people stay motivated in 2021?

You can do anything, go anywhere, or be anyone that you want! Well maybe you can’t go anywhere right now, but never limit yourself! To start off this new year with a positive mindset you must first EMPOWER yourself. Believe that anything is possible or attainable if it’s what you truly want or desire. If we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that we are stronger and more resilient than we know. I’m not saying hop in the ring for your first MMA fight (unless that's on your bucket list, then hey, go get’m tiger!) but this is OUR time, you’ve earned it and deserve it. Choose one thing that will truly make you happy and GO GET IT!  When and if you feel a setback, pause take a deep breath and remember your community has your back! Each of us may be working our way forward separately but sometimes we all need a little help from our friends 


What are some of the most common challenges you see people facing and how do you recommend they overcome this?

The most common challenges we’ve seen are students losing bits of strength, mobility or flexibility within their practices, and furthermore affecting their confidence. Reframe your mind to be grateful for exercise rather than a punishment or a requirement to have a big dinner! Find something you ENJOY, with a community that supports you and your mind and body will reap the benefits.


How has the health and wellness community adapted during the pandemic?

The health and wellness community has adapted by making a complete 180 degree turn—pivoting entire businesses’ to online platforms, trying to reach and support an entire community through screens basically overnight, and having to compete with free online content, cheaper content, and thousands of businesses attempting the same virtual business model! It has certainly been both a challenge and a learning experience that keeps you on your toes..    


What workshops and classes are you currently offering?

We offer a variety of circus arts, aerial yoga, mat yoga and group fitness classes! If you’re looking for a fun and playful way to build strength, check out one of our Lyra Hoop, Silk Hammock and Silks classes! Looking to hang upside down to decompress the spine and your mind, give aerial yoga a-go. Need a little grounding? Come take some deep centering breaths while stretching and flowing with classical mat yoga classes. We have something for everyone, including your kiddos! Drop the kids off at one of our kids aerial yoga classes and  then pop into your own hour of bliss!

Specialty workshops are very popular at Good Karma! A few featured goodies this month: Spice it up with Aerial Burlesque, or stretch those tight muscles in Aerial Flexibility. For anyone interested in becoming an Aerial Yoga Instructor, the next training takes place Feb 26-28 with Jessica Lubin! Check it all out at this link