Albany is a 400-year old city with many fascinating tales of historical legends, infamous bootleggers, literary luminaries, and other "famous faces" walking the streets. Keep reading for exciting stories about the time that these "famous faces" spent in Albany. We will also highlight local spots related to these figures that you can still visit today.  

Henry Hudson, a prominent explorer during the 17th Century, made major headway to find the Northwest Passage while working for the Dutch East India Company. Hudson discovered the river that now holds his name, which divides the cities of Albany and Rensselaer. Keep reading to start planning your Henry Hudson-inspired exploration of Albany! 


Dutch Apple Cruises

Dutch Apple Cruises

Experience the beauty of Hudson River and view magnificent skyline views of Albany aboard a Dutch Apple Cruise. During a sightseeing cruise, a Hudson River Historian will narrate the history of Albany and point out important sights along the river. It is a great way to see Albany from a new perspective, and follow the path of Henry Hudson! Sightseeing cruises are available between April and October. 


New York State Museum

New York State Museum

Visit the New York State Museum to learn more about Albany's history! Explore the exhibit "Beneath the City: An Archeaological Perspective of Albany," to learn about Albany's Dutch roots. The city's Dutch colonization was ultimately brought about by Henry Hudson's exploration of this area. The exhibit has many fascinating artifacts displayed that were found beneath the city's streets, sidewalks, backyards and buildings. 


USS Slater

USS Slater DE766

While Henry Hudson never would have seen a Navy Destroyer Escort, but he would have certainly been impressed! The USS Slater DE766 is the last destroyer escort afloat in the United States today and is permanently docked on the Hudson in Albany. While on a tour, view the small amount of space that the crew serving in World War II would have had aboard, and one can only imagine how cramped Hudson's own vessel was.


Visitors Center

Discover Albany Visitors Center 

The Discover Albany Visitors Center offers a unique glance into the history of Albany. The ‘Welcome to Albany’ exhibit explores the Dutch influences on the area such as their trade routes and a look at 17th Century life. After exploring the exhibits, end your adventure at the Henry Hudson Planetarium! Catch a star show to learn about the constellations that navigators (like Henry Hudson!) would have used on ocean voyages.


Albany Institute of History & Art

Albany Institute of History & Art

The Albany Institute of History & Art has a number of wonderful exhibits, including the Hudson River School! During the 19th century, a number of painters were inspired by the serene landscapes in the area along the Hudson River. View nearly 90 scenic landscape paintings that tell a visual history of the Hudson River Valley during the 19th century in this exhibit. 



SUNY Administration Building

Catch a glimpse at the spire on top of the SUNY Administration Building (formerly the D&H Building) for the largest weathervane in the country! Look a little closer and you will see that the weathervane is actually a giant replica of Henry Hudson’s sailing ship, the Half Moon. While it may seem tiny from the street, the weathervane is actually large enough to seat one grown man!

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