Here's a list we created with a lot of help from instagrammers like you from around the world! 


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1) Stand at the edge of the world with your best friend. (John Boyd Thacher State Park


John Boyd Thacher State Park



2) Climb a million dollar stair case. (The New York State Capitol Building

The New York State Capitol Building

3) Watch a world class performance under the stars. (Park Playhouse

Park Playhouse

4) Cruise along the scenic Hudson River. (Dutch Apple Cruises) 

Dutch Apple Cruises

5) Dance to live music in the street. (Pearl Palooza

Pearl Palooza

6) Submerge yourself in other cultures. (Wolff's Biergarten) 
Wolff's Biergarten

7) Sleep like royalty in an elegant urban setting. (The Morgan State House Inn

The Morgan State House Inn

8) Rediscover your childhood. (The New York State Museum) 

The New York State Museum 

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