Albany County business owner Trent Griffin-Braaf shares his top five favorite spots in Albany County. Follow along to #DiscoverMyAlbany from the owner of Tech Valley Hospitality Shuttle and G-B Logistics. 

Mohawk Hudson Bike Trail

"We found this to be, especially during COVID, a real fun, family place where people can socially distance and still have a great time." 

Cohoes Falls

"Discovered this a couple of years ago, when doing some research with my daughter who found out that this was the second biggest falls, second to Niagara Falls." 

Allie B's Cozy Kitchen

"The very first time me and my family tried their food, we fell in love."

His go-to dish? Fried fish! 

African American Cultural Center

"Just a great place and resource for anyone looking to come into the area to learn more about the region as well as to help others who live in the area."

The grand reopening is October 2! 

Albany Public Library 

"I chose just the libraries in general because throughout the year me and family spend a lot of time at the libraries. So we are always visiting at least once a week so they can get a nice array of books." 

You stepped back in time to “Discover Eliza’s Albany”, now join us as we discover today’s Albany! Follow Albany locals - natives, transplants & commuters - to “Discover My Albany” with an inside look at their favorite sites and bites across Albany County. Tune into the videos and add one (or more!) of these places to your must-visit list!