Albany native Jack McEneny shares his top five favorite spots in Albany County. Follow along to #DiscoverMyAlbany!

John Boyd Thacher State Park

"I came here as a child. Used to start our fires with the newspaper, the Sunday newspaper. And the family would come up here. My brother and I would wander. We just knew it was a very, very special place." 

Capitol Hill

"What's interesting about Capitol Park, it's a great place to take a walk. It's the greatest place to people watch. It's just a place where people of New York State gather. The diversity of it, in a way, is a reflection of the Empire State." 

D&H Building

"On the top of the tower they put up a copy of Henry Hudson's ship The Half Moon. And that's still there and it's so big, you could actually sit in that ship. It's now well over 100 years old and it's a wonderful piece of architecture." 

Ten Broeck Mansion

"These grounds are open all the time. All year round people can wander in and out. This is a very quiet part of Albany that most people don't think of. This is an oasis. And that's why I like to come here." 

Olde English Pub

"It's a place where people come for more than just history. The Olde English Pub has this wonderful private garden. Unlike some of the gardens we've seen, this is one that'll make sure you aren't going hungry." 

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