September is the month when fall begins and with it comes several things associated with fall. One of these, of course, is the beauty of the changing season. And the northeast has several beautiful landscapes to marvel at and be inspired- maybe the best if you'll allow the totally, unashamedly biased statement.

You wouldn't be alone in being inspired by the land, either. Feeling artistic? If you're not up for creating the next artistic masterpiece, you can still indulge your creative side with a visit to a few gems in Albany that highlight the artistic traditions here.

1. Albany Institute of History and Art

Albany Institute of History and Art 

This museum hosts a treasure of art works from the Hudson River School of Art, which was an extremely significant school of art - and literature - that influenced the way that America viewed nature, and still does today. There are several landscape paintings here, but there are also displays of contemporary artists too, some of which are local.

2. Fenimore Art Museum

Fenimore Art Museum 

This museum, housed in a historic 1930s Neo-Georgian mansion, is a part of the New York State Historical Association. Its exhibits are a some of the nation's finest examples of American landscape, history and genre paintings, American folk art, photography and American Indian art. It also has beautiful views of Lake Otsego for visitors to enjoy.

3. Future Perfect: Picturing the Anthropocene at the University at Albany Art Museum

University at Albany Art Museum 

This exhibit includes the works of over twenty artists, exploring the relationship people have with the natural world. On display are contemporary works and those of early 20th century documentary photographer Darius Kinsey. It's an opportunity to see multiple styles of art showcased, and is free to the public.

4. Iroquois Indian Museum

Iroquois Indian Museum 

With exhibits of traditional and contemporary art works of Iroquois artists, this museum showcases both history and heritage with its displays. It also has a few nature trails that visitors can take advantage of to enjoy the beauty of nature. It's currently celebrating its 35th Anniversary, allowing visitors the chance to see selections from exhibits throughout the years.

5. Olana

Olana State Historic Site 

Coming back to the first suggestion, Frederick Church was an important figure in the Hudson River School of Art. And his house is a piece of art itself. You can tour the magnificent building and his artwork, and/or take a tour of the grounds Church so carefully crafted. Make sure to call ahead to schedule a visit, since this is a popular spot to view the same gorgeous view of the river and trees that the artist had when he originally painted his masterpieces.