Recently engaged? Congratulations! Now it's time to make some crucial wedding planning decisions – including the date. The season you choose for your big day can set the vibe for the entire event. We asked local wedding experts, "Summer has long been wedding season with biggest boom in June. But more recently, we hear that weddings are spreading out and taking place during other parts of the year. What season is the most popular for your venue and what are the biggest benefits of holding a wedding in Fall, Winter, or Spring?" Keep reading to learn which season is the most popular for saying "I Do" in Albany. Hint: Prepare to fall in love with pumpkin, spice and everything nice. 

Special thank you to Jenn Moak Photography for the photo above. 

Pruyn House

"Fall is the new spring for weddings! Fall in the northeast is beautiful and couples are embracing it! We have many creative couples decorate with mums and hay bales. Also, they use rustic elements such as pumpkins and leaves. They embrace cider and doughnuts. One couple gave apple cider doughnuts as parting gifts. Also – Sam Adams Octoberfest beer is heavily featured!" - Tami Sherry, Assistant Curator

The Century House

"Fall is really our busiest wedding season. Spring and summer are busy but fall is king right now. Choosing which season is best for your wedding really depends on your personal wedding style as well as some logistics. Fall and winter weddings lend themselves to an easy theme and cost savings as far as decor goes, but if fun in the sun and lush florals are more your style, spring and summer will be your ideal time for a wedding." - Maribeth Livingston, Director of Marketing

Shaker Heritage Society

"The Fall (September and October) have been the busiest season for us for years! I'm also told by couples that the appeal of foliage and 'loving the fall' is the reason for choosing that time of year. To create a wedding that says "Fall," couples choose rich rich fall colors for bridesmaid dresses and flowers in the bouquet. They also choose caramel apples or maple syrup as favors." - Nicole Nero, Wedding Planner 

Carey Institute for Global Good

"There are huge advantages to considering non-summer wedding dates, a huge one being taking advantage of off-peak season pricing. The basic law of supply and demand says that popular summer weekends will be more valuable to wedding venues, and therefore higher priced. Aside from saving your nest egg, Fall offers spectacular views and foliage on our campus, winter lends itself to a fireplace side ceremony while guests sip a hot toddy or cocoa, and Spring weddings can take advantage of the big dramatic skies, expansive landscape and budding spring colors that photographers love." - Sarah Avery Gordon, Director of External Affairs