Before you dive into planning your #AlbanyEverAfter, brush up on local wedding trends! We posed the question, "What are the biggest decorating/food/venue trends you’re seeing?" to several local wedding experts. Answers ranged from weddings in the woods, to family-style dinners! Keep reading to discover a few Albany wedding trends that will make your big day extra special.

Special thank you to Joe Vogel Photography for the photo above.

Carey Institute for Global Good

"We used to specialize in hilltop mountain view ceremonies, and most guests took advantage of our sweeping view of the Catskills from atop the Stonecrop Estate Home hill, but in 2019 two-thirds of our summer ceremonies are slated to happen at our new wedding in the woods site. Naturally grown, fresh cut wild flowers are also a huge trend right now." - Sarah Avery Gordon, Director of External Affairs

City Beer Hall

"The rustic decor trend is as popular as ever. This works perfectly with our building because of the wood accents, large windows, high ceilings, greenery, Edison-style rustic chandeliers, etc. It allows us to be low-maintenance with decor and set up." - Jessa Arnold, Director of Events & Social Marketing

Pruyn House

"The biggest decorating trend that I am seeing is keeping things rustic and simple, as well as re-using and re-purposing elements. For example, I've seen more brides hanging wine bottles with fairly lights instead of lamps or candles." - Tami Sherry, Assistant Curator

Shaker Heritage Society

"Relaxed family style serving of dinner is increasingly popular. It’s less formal than plated dinner, but a big more intimate than a buffet or food truck." - Nicole Nero, Wedding Planner