From world-class institutions in downtown Albany, to unique museums a short drive away, there are a lot of places for museum mavens to explore! History buffs, aspiring foodies, Hamilton fanatics, and art connoisseurs will be fascinated by the variety of special exhibits on display. Scroll on for 8 must-see exhibits at museums in Upstate New York this Fall and Winter. 

Women of Influence: Each Block a Story

Iroquois Indian Museum
Now until November 30

The Iroquois Indian Museum, a short 40-minute drive west of Albany, showcases Iroquois art, culture and history. This Fall, view the exhibit titled, "Women of Influence: Each Block a Story," featuring a collaborative quilt. Over forty women created individual quilt blocks in honor of a woman who made a positive impact on her life. These blocks were stitched together into a beautiful quilt illustrating the impact of female role models. 

The Schuyler Sisters and Their Circle

Albany Institute of History & Art
Now until December 29, 2019

Glimpse into the fascinating world of the Schuyler Sisters! The Albany Institute of History & Art, the second oldest museum in the country, has "The Schuyler Sisters & Their Circle" on display. This must-see exhibit has (for the first time!) brought together objects associated with the Schuyler women. Admire historic treasures such as Angelica Schuyler's locket, a lock of Alexander Hamilton's hair, Aaron Burr's watch fob and more pieces illustrating the revolutionary story of the Schuyler Sisters. Visit before October 27 to view Eliza Schuyler Hamilton's wedding rings! Before leaving the museum, peruse the pop-up Schuyler Marketplace and bring home Schuyler Plum Jam or Schuyler Tea for a souvenir. 

The People of New York 

New York State Capitol
Now until December 31, 2019

While touring the majestic New York State Capitol, explore the special exhibit, "The People of New York," in the East Lobby on the 2nd Floor. New York boasts one of the most diverse populations in the United States. The exhibit highlights the diversity of past and present New Yorkers through images, objects and stories. Explore how the legacy of diversity began, spread, and continues to form the New York identity in this exhibit. 

1969 Exhibition 

Vietnam Memorial Gallery, Robert Abrams Building for Law and Justice, Empire State Plaza​
Now until January 3, 2020

1969 was a historic year. The year concluded a turbulent decade in American history. Iconic events such as Woodstock, the Moon Landing, the Vietnam War and more occurred. Visit the 1969 Exhibition in the Vietnam Memorial Gallery to step back in time and learn about this monumental year that shaped culture in the United States. 


Mandeville Gallery at Union College
Now until January 19, 2020

A quick 25-minute drive to Schenectady will lead visitors to the Mandeville Gallery. Located on the second floor of the 16-sided Nott Memorial building on the Union College campus, this gallery is free and open to the public. The gallery's current exhibit, "EMBODY," features work from 10 contemporary diasporic artists. These artists use varying techniques such as collage to create figures that "embody resistance, defying and challenging a one-dimensional reading of who the figures might be, or what they represent." 

Insatiable: Cooking Up Innovation

Museum of Innovation & Science (miSci)
Now until January 20, 2020

Have you ever thought about the inner workings of toasters, skillets, refrigerators, pressure cookers and other cooking devices? Dive into the innovation of food preparation at miSci's "Insatiable: Cooking Up Innovation" exhibit. Be immersed into science of food with hands-on activities, a display of past and present state-of-the-art gadgets and more. The museum is worth the 25-minute drive from Albany! 


a small fort, which our people call Fort Orange

New York State Museum
Now until May 5, 2020

Dive into Albany's Dutch history at the New York State Museum's special exhibit, "a small fort, which our people call Fort Orange." Examine the discovery of Fort Orange, now present-day Albany, and the lasting impact of the historic events that occurred at this Dutch colony. View artifacts, historical and archaeological research, and film footage from the excavation of the Fort Orange site. 

I Love Cars

Saratoga Automobile Museum
November 2 - May 31, 2020

Venture 40-minutes north of Albany to the Saratoga Automobile Museum. Located in a former bottling plant within Saratoga Spa State Park, this museum is perfect for car enthusiasts. Learn about the history of automobile racing in New York and view many classic cars on display. The museum's newest exhibit, "I Love Cars," opens later this Fall. The exhibit will educate visitors about various vehicles and the owner's love story with their car.