August has officially been National Peach Month since Ronald Reagan introduced the concept on June 16, 1982. Peaches are tasty and nutritious. They're low fat, saturated fat free, sodium free, cholesterol free and are a good source of vitamin C. The state fruit may be the apple, but Albany has a few spots to take part in enjoying some peach-inspired foods. Here are seven stops where you can find something inspired by that orange fruit.


1. Peaches Café at Stuyvesant Plaza
This café in Stuyvesant Plaza is one of the great stops for delicious, freshly made food to enjoy either inside the café or out on the sidewalk to take in the warm weather. It's easily one of the most popular cafes in the Capital District and it was awarded a four-star rating by the Troy Record. Come see for yourself how it earned those stars and take a look to see if there are any items on the menu that echo the name of the café.


2. Grandma's Pies and Restaurant on Central Ave.
Looking for something that'll be just like grandma made? Well, here's a cozy restaurant that's sure to offer you those nutritional meals that granny made sure to give you, or no slice of pie until the plate is empty. Okay....maybe you can have a slice (or the whole thing - to share with friends of course!). Especially since these pies are so good. And even better? There's sure to be a pie with peaches!


3. Farmers' Market at the Empire State Plaza
What better way to celebrate National Peach Month than by enjoying a peach plain and simple? Check out the Farmers' Market that takes place every Wednesday and Friday out on the Empire State Plaza. There's sure to be a wonderful variety of healthy foods, locally grown, that'll taste great and have you feeling up for a great day in Albany.


4. Bountiful Bread at Stuyvesant Plaza
Here's another healthy stop, with an amazing selection of foods to choose from their menu. While known for their delicious breads, there are other options to make a full meal out of a visit here. There really isn't much to do with peaches, but since we're looking to be dedicated to being nutritious, this spot definitely qualifies. And pairing up peaches with the bread you bought from here is a nice way of having a little snack later that won't make you feel too guilty.



5. Cider Belly Donuts on N. Pearl Street
Not the most nutritious spot on the list, but you can probably figure out where this list is going. The donuts here are fantastic - and some are even gluten free. There's always a wide selection of tantalizing sweetness to choose from, with specialty flavors ranging from maple, to banana, and maybe even peach. Won't know until you stop in and see what's available for the day! It's all freshly made, soft and warm for you to enjoy.


6. The Cheesecake Factory at Colonie Center
With its large selection of dishes to choose from, there's got to be something peach-related at the Cheesecake Factory, right? Well, there's always the option of a peach smoothie with its crushed peaches blended with ice and swirled with raspberry. A great way to finish one of their tasty meals with something other than a slice of cheesecake.


7. Fresh Healthy Café at Crossgates Mall
We can finish up this list with a spot that leaves no question about if it's nutritional enough - it's right in the name. There are several delicious options that makes eating healthy easy. Order some peach juice to go with your meal, and finish up with their tropical peach smoothie. Then you can walk it off in the mall!

August may not have much left to it, but there's plenty of time left to make up for it! For more ideas, check out the list of restaurants in Albany that might have something peachy on their menu.