ALBANY, NY - Each household in Albany County saved an average of $985 this year thanks to visitors to Albany County. According to a recent report released by Tourism Economics, Albany County also supports $69 million in local taxes and $52 million in state taxes while supporting 15,000 jobs.

The Albany County Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACCVB) also reports that for every $1 invested in marketing and selling Albany County to visitors and conventions, it returns $53 in taxes to the local economy. In addition, travelers to Albany in 2014 spent $958 million on lodging, food and beverage, recreation, transportation, and other products. Albany County represents 52% of the region's tourism sales out of the six county Capital-Saratoga region.

Take a look at the infographic below to better illustrate the impact of tourism on Albany County:

2014 Infographic Page 1

2014 Infographic Page 2 

As part of National Travel & Tourism Week in May, the ACCVB also created a video that describes the impact of tourism on our local economy.