This itinerary takes you back to the early 1900s to explore what life was like during the Prohibition from the viewpoint of Irish American mobster, "Legs" Diamond. To get an idea of Diamond's heritage, head over to McGeary's Irish Pub to take in the atmosphere and culturally inspired meals. The mysterious Albany Speakeasy paints such a clear picture of what it would be like to drink in the 1920s that you might think the drinks there were smuggled in by Diamond, himself! Stroll down State Street and take in the bustle of the city help you imagine what it would be like to see Legs walking down the street. The Albany Pump Station and C.H. Evans Brewing Co. provide a great stop for this day as they offer eduacational tours and tastings, and even named a whiskey in Legs' honor. Round off your day with a visit to the Kenmore Hotel, which hosted Diamond the night of his death as he celebrated his acquittal at the Rainbow Room Nightclub inside the hotel. Although the hotel is no longer operational, the fascinating facade is sure to complete your picutre of the roaring 20s.

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