dutch apple

A rising tide lifts all boats, and Dutch Apple Cruises certainly embodies this adage - not only in a literal sense, but also by working with the ACCVB to promote their business. Being a seasonal attraction, the Dutch Apple Cruises was looking to increase exposure to residents and visitors in order to capitalize on their offerings.

The ACCVB formed a close relationship with Anthony and Melissa Renna to understand their business needs. By posting Special Offers on our website, interacting with our social media networks, and making sure their online listing on Albany.org had complete information, Melissa and Anthony were ensuring Dutch Apple Cruises was receiving significant attention on our digital platforms.

Dutch Apple Cruises also decided to invest in some additional advertising opportunities through our print Visitors Guide and on our website.

Dutch Apple Cruises' listing on www.albany.org has been viewed nearly 3,000 times since January 2015 with an outstanding 70% conversion rate on our site! Their coupon is prominently displayed on our Special Offers page and their online advertising can be seen throughout the site, both of which receive thousands more impressions and clicks.

Anthony and Melissa are always sure to give us a call when they are promoting something new, and we have promoted their offerings to our 12,000+ blog and social media followers on multiple occasions, resulting in hundreds of thousands of impressions.

"The ACCVB has been a fantastic business partner for Dutch Apple Cruises. They are one of our leading referral sources, making them an invaluable resource for the company. Their staff is dependable, professional and always looking for ways to make Albany a premiere destination for travelers." - Melissa Renna, Manager of Dutch Apple Cruises & Tours