Sabrina Flores
Discover Albany


June 14, 2021


ALBANY, N.Y. (June 14, 2021) Discover Albany has announced that their new Community Engagement Manager position will be filled by Maeve McEneny-Johnson. The Community Engagement Manager is responsible for ensuring positive partner experiences and building coalitions and partnerships through community outreach and coordination of the City of Albany Heritage Tourism program.

McEneny joined the Discover Albany team in 2015 and has served as the Education & Heritage Coordinator prior to her promotion. Her experience as coordinator of the Albany’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism (CHAT) Advisory Council, the Visitor Center Education Program, and more, tie into many of her responsibilities in this new role. Her vast knowledge of Albany County businesses, cultural assets and community groups allows her to inspire creative thinking and collaboration amongst partners.

With the roll out of a new Discover Albany partnership program last month, this will give partners a point of contact to help ensure that each partner business is able to maximize their member benefits. The new program includes four different pricing tiers with enhanced benefits, a brand-new free partnership tier, and the ease of signing up right online.

In addition to helping to service Discover Albany’s partners, McEneny will continue to maintain and expand the City of Albany Heritage Tourism program. She will be responsible for helping to develop and coordinate cooperative programming, thematic tours, itineraries, events and exhibits.

“We had been looking to fill a community engagement role to better serve our partners, and realized that the ideal candidate was right under our nose,” said Jill Delaney, president and CEO of Discover Albany. “Maeve brings so much energy, creativity, and positivity to all that she does and we are so grateful that she was willing and eager to take the leap and serve our partners in this expanded capacity.”

“I’m thrilled to accept this new position with Discover Albany! Albany County cultural leaders and business owners are by far the most dynamic, interesting, and creative individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with,” said Maeve McEneny. “There is an incredible spirit of partnership and a culture of community support that I firmly believe you won’t find anywhere else. As we re-build from the pandemic, I am looking forward to offering my support to our partners and looking ahead to building future opportunities within our community."

McEneny accepted the position in May of 2021 and will be on maternity leave until Fall 2021. Until her return, Kathryn Holland and Kathy Quandt will be the points of contact for this role.

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