Albany, New York - The Onrust has landed in Rensselaer, and all are invited to come aboard and journey back in time, to when the Dutch ruled the New World, and pirates vied for control of the seas.

The new program, which is offered in cooperation with the Onrust Program, Crailo State Historic Site, and the Albany County Convention & Visitors Bureau's Hospitality Grant, gives groups the opportunity to learn what it was like to be a sailor in the New Netherlands in 1614. The Onrust is a replica of the real Dutch trading ship that was constructed in 1614, after Captain Adriaen Block's first ship, the Tyger was destroyed by fire. Block built the Onrust from the remnants of that ship over the course of one winter. It was the first ship built by Europeans in the New World. The original Onrust was constructed much more quickly than its replica, which was the product of three years of study and construction. Steered by Greta Wagle, the Onrust Project is a labor of love and devotion to preserve this boatbuilding tradition.

Today, groups can board this floating museum to get hands-on experiences with nautical navigation, and find out some of the deprivations and dangers inherent in the business of being a sailor. Then, they can visit Crailo State Historic Site, and learn more about the day-to-day lives of Dutch colonists.

"This is a unique learning opportunity for students and groups. We don't have another program that offers this kind of tangible link to the past. Greta Wagle has really created something special here, and I only hope more educators will take advantage of it," says Maeve McEneny, Program Coordinator for the Albany County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The Onrust is open to groups of 10 or more until October 26, when it will close for the winter. For more information about booking a trip, contact Maeve McEneny, Education Coordinator for the Albany County Convention & Visitors Bureau, (518) 434-1217 ext. 202.

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