In September 2014, the Albany County Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACCVB) posted a Taxi Experience Survey at for the purposes of assessing the current taxi situation in the Albany area and to identify areas of improvement to better enhance the destination and visitor experience. The ACCVB distributed cards to hotels, attractions, and visitors centers encouraging residents, business travelers, and vacation/leisure travelers to complete the short survey. Since then, more than 377 responses have been collected. 

The following pages contain an analysis of the responses based on a number of factors that were considered in the survey. Select comments have been included below the respective graphs to support the overall opinion of the respondents, to emphasize recurring themes found within the responses, or to represent outlying data. Some comments have been slightly edited to remove profanities or to correct spelling and punctuation.

Questions regarding the survey may be directed to Michele Vennard, President/CEO of the ACCVB, at (518) 434-1217 ext. 300 or