Take It From Them!


"Without a doubt, Film Albany is the go-to and can-do in Albany. Thanks for making everything happen. All the best."

-Stuart, Locations Department, Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight

 "Albany just makes it so easy for us to come here."

-Conrad Palmisano, Stunt Director, 2nd Unit, The Other Guys

"It was a true pleasure to work in an environment where folks were not only excited about our film, but also willing to help out in any way they could. You exemplified this spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm for the task at hand, and were definitely an organization of ‘make it happen' people."

- Joe C. Guest, Location Manager, 2nd Unit, Salt

"Thank you again for an All Star Film Experience in Albany.  Our client was thrilled with how things went today and the bonus snow shots! Your efforts are appreciated and I hope to see you again soon."

- Ray Forbes, Location Manager

"Thanks again for all your help, you folks have been a complete pleasure to work with. Believe me, we shoot all over the country, I've even shot is South Africa, and you folks are the best."

- Scott, Car Commercial

 "Just wanted to drop you and quick note and say a sincere Thank You to you and your city for helping out with the Dodge Journey TV Commercial. You and your staff were fantastic and really helped to push things through the proper channels on short notice. The city has much to offer in regards to locations and are extremely film friendly. Warm Regards"

-Nik Mansoor, Location Manager

"I can't really say how much you (Deb and the Albany County Film Commission) has helped our film. Whenever we had a question about logistics, or the inevitable scramble to find new locations, you were always the first number dialed. It's hard to imagine being more welcomed into a community. And better yet, by a group that understands the specific and sometimes trying requirements of a film production. I hope to work in the area again. All the best."

-Marshall Johnson, Location Manager, Place Beyond the Pines







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