It's All About Location, Location, Location

Film Albany completely understands that casting your location can turn a good film into a great film.  The right sense of place can make or break a film.  Many times your location often acts as a main character or contains the entirety of the action.  Your locations may not be as specific or detailed as an award-winning director yet, but they are as vitally important to your film as the screenplay or cast.  Send your professional images directly from the comfort of your office to us:

Click this link to view unique location photos of roadways/tunnels, government buildings, etc.  

Why is Albany the best location for your film?

- Albany, NY is located approximately 2 1/2 hours away from New  York City.  You can drive or take the daily Amtrak train service on the Empire, Adirondack Corridor or Ethan Allen Express routes.  Easy Peasy.

- In downtown Albany, you will be surrounded by streets that mimic Manhattan, Boston and Washington D.C.  Exciting scenes such as crashing vans, simulated gunfire and helicopter aerobatics have already found a home in Albany.  See The Other Guys being shot in Albany, NY.  
- Four tired highways for great actions scenes.  Click here to view the SALT car chase scene.
- Futuristic buildings and plaza.  Exterior and interior locations.
- Parks & Recreation Areas.
- "Retired" powerplants.
- World's only floating and restored destroyer escort - USS Slater DE-766.  Battle Under Orion shot aboard the Slater.   
- Albany International Airport and privately owned South Albany Airport.
- Farms, historical mansions and Carey Institute for Global Good.
- Rural areas and towns within driving distance right outside of Albany.  
- All styles of commercial and residential architecture.  
- Several government buildings, courthouses and the NYS Capitol (HBO documentary Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight filmed on the steps of the NYS Education Building - doubled for Washington, D.C.).







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