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Albany I Spy

I spy with my little eye... Albany!

The fourth, almost-annual Albany I Spy will be kicking off in Downtown Albany once again Saturday, August 12! We're switching things up a bit this year though. The first five picture clues will be available to hunt early on August 7th and those last seven, you'll have to arrive at The City Beer Hall at noon, Saturday August 12 to find out what they are and you will be timed! That's right, Albany I Spy is now a timed event! Whichever team finishes the quickest will be crowned (figuratively only of course) the new kings and queens of Albany scavenger hunts.

Where to find the first five clues:

HERE! The first wave of five clues are now live - happy hunting! 

Make sure you register your team on the Eventbrite site by Friday, August 11 at 6 pm. We'll need to know how many people to expect.

Albany I Spy first wave

Here are those sticky rules to make sure you're keeping it clean:

1) All team members need to stay with their teams at all times. You may not "divide and conquer." There will be spies throughout the city keeping an eye on what you are doing. Don't chance it. If your team is caught it could mean an immediate disqualification.

2)You may have up to six (6) people per team. Any more than that you will need to split up.

3) You may NOT use modes of transportation. This is a scavenger hunt for your feet. If you get tired and need a break, no worries, there are outdoor benches and indoor bar stools all over the place.

4) Your team must take a picture with each building/landmark/statue to prove you found it on the clock. Your entire team must be present in the photo with the exception of the team member taking the picture. No selfies! If you want to do silly things in your pictures, we can't stop you and in fact we urge you to do so.

5) Each team will be given one team sign that will need to be featured in each of your photos. You only get one so don't lose them.

6) You will have a three hour time limit. If you don't finish within the time frame you will receive a DNF but don't let that dissuade you, come on back to the City Beer Hall and enjoy drinks and some face time with your fellow local history nerds.

7) Having a hard time? Don't forget your Twitter feeds. Throughout the event additional clues will be posted to help you along.

8) This is supposed to be fun! It's great to be competitive but don't be a jerk.

9) Be aware of private property. All clues can be seen from the roads and sidewalks. Don't go trouncing through people's yards, there's no need to.

10) Don't break the law. Easy enough.

There will be prizes, because what kind of competition doesn't have cool local stuff to win? The first three teams to finish will get their choice of three prize packages from local businesses including Albany Institute of History of Art, Fort Orange General Store, Nine Pin Cider and Olde English Pub & Pantry.

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