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Benjamin Franklin Discover: War of 1812
DeWitt Clinton Franklin Roosevelt

Notable Albany Figures

Benjamin Franklin


1754: At the meeting of the Albany Congress, Benjamin Franklin proposed the Albany Plan of Union, an important precursor to the Constitution...more

War of 1812


1813: It was May 27th, 1813 at Fort George, just off the shore of the Niagara River in present day Ontario. A large American Infantry of 4000 strong made its way across the river from the American Fort Niagara, gained from the British through Jay's Treaty of 1794. It was the middle of the War of 1812 and American forces were struggling to hold off the British invasion...more

DeWitt Clinton


1817: While serving as New York’s sixth Governor, DeWitt Clinton was largely responsible for the construction of the Erie Canal, a manmade waterway connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean via Albany...more

Franklin D. Roosevelt


1911: Franklin D. Roosevelt's legendary political career began in Albany, becoming a popular figure among New York Democrats through his political tactics leading up to the upset of the Tammany machine...more


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